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Re-incarnation in the Qur’an – 5



Part Five

The Idea of Resurrection

The Holy Qur’an is based on two fundamental principles; Unity: The Unity of God and the Universe, which means the Oneness of  the formless ” Allah ” and His manifested attributes in the form of the Universe containing endless creations as the  ” Reflection of Allah “, or Ayah (the Sign). This is known as Tawhid. Returning: According to the Qur’an, the entire Universe is going back to the Source. Human beings, on their way back to God, return to the earthy life after death. This is known as Ma’ad.

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید؟

ق – 3,2

The disbelievers said; “This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and become dust…? No, such a returning will never take place.

و قالوا ء اذا کنا عظاما و رفاتا ء انا لمبعوثون خلقا جدیدا؟…من یعیدنا ؟

الاسراء – 49,51

And the disbelievers wondered; “once we are bones and completely destroyed, will we be raised up again through a new creation?!…Who will return us?   And the destination, of course, will be earth.

الذی جعل لکم الارض مهدا…منها خلقناکم و فیها نعیدکم ومنها نخرجکم تاره اخری

طه –53 ، 55

And He made the earth to your growing place…therefrom We have created you and into that shall We return you and therefrom We shall bring you out (to the life) once again!


This is also called “next life” in the Qur’an:

فی الحیوه الدنیا و فی الاخره

یونس – 64

In this worldly life and its next life.

هو الذی احیاکم ثم یمیتکم ثم یحییکم

الحج – 66

He is such a God Who gave you life and later on takes your life and later on gives you another life.

Two different Islamic ideas

The subject of Ma’ad or Returning has always been the hottest debate amongst Muslim theologians and philosophers in Islamic history.

From the early years of the Islamic civilization, there were two main yet different understandings of the Qur’an, regarding the Ma’ad ( Returning) amongst Muslim thinkers.

It is said that the vast majority of them believed in Resurrection, which means the returning of human beings after death through bringing life to the dead body.

And a small minority supported Re-incarnation, which means re-birth of human beings after death. Those to be mentioned are; Ikwan al-Safa or Ismailism , Hemarih , Tarih , the followers of Ahmad ibn Khabet, and Shia Ghulat. Even in our time other communities like Druze , Alawi , Ahl- e -Hagh and some Sufi orders still believe in Re-incarnation.

The relatively widespread discussions about Re-incarnation show that this subject has always been a hot topic within the Islamic world for centuries. However, neither side of the Muslim theologians and thinkers could convince the other and put an end to this for more than a thousand years of debate. Although the belief in Re-incarnation has always existed among some scholars throughout the history of the Islamic civilization, but during recent decades many ordinary people in the Muslim world have developed an interest in Re-incarnation. This means the belief in Re-incarnation not only survived among a small minority of  Muslim nations (Ummah), but also in our time, it is increasing among ordinary Muslims who don’t belong to any certain community nor any sect. Needless to say, both sides consider their belief according to Islam and base it on the holy Qur’an. In other words, each part accuses the other of ignoring the true understanding of the Qur’an regarding the belief in Re-incarnation.

The common reason of  Returning

However, the philosophy of both ideas is the same. For according to the Qur’an, the reason that human beings have to return to the another life , on the earth, is to face their own actions as rewards:

الیه مرجعکم جمیعا وعد الله حقا انه یبد الخلق ثم یعیده لیجزی

یونس – 4

You all will return to Him. This is a promise of Allah which will come true. Indeed, He begins the creation and later on returns it, in order to reward.

و ان لیس للانسان الا ما سعی و ان سعیه سوف یری ثم یجزیه الجزاء الاوفی و ان الی ربک المنتهی

النجم – 38 الی 42

Indeed, nothing belongs to the human being but his/her own actions. And indeed s/he will face his/her actions soon, until his/her reward will be completed, and indeed, towards your Lord will be the Final Destination.

من عمل سیئه فلا یجزی الا مثلها

المومن (غافر) – 40

Whoever does a bad action, the reward will be a similar action.

Anybody knows what Resurrection is ?!

Often the disbelievers in Re-incarnation claim that Islam believes in Resurrection not Re-incarnation! But when they are asked about what Resurrection really means, they don’t have a clear answer! They just repeat “Resurrection” as an answer without having a clear picture of it. The fact is, Resurrection is general, whereas Re-incarnation is specific. Therefore, unlike Re-incarnation, Resurrection is a vague and an uncertain idea. So the meaning of Resurrection is open. You may believe in Resurrection through Re-incarnation!

The problem of Resurrection

The interesting fact is there has also been a hot debate within the believers of Resurrection. They are divided in some different ideas of the way of Resurrection. In other words, the big question concerning the idea of Resurrection has always been what does Resurrection mean in the Qur’an. The Muslim theologians and philosophers suggest different ideas about Resurrection, like;

Resurrection of the same body. Resurrection of a similar earthly body. Resurrection of a unearthly body.


Resurrection of the same body

Some theologians believe that the same body, at the time of death, will come to life again. But, this is Resurrection of the dead body, NOT Resurrection of human beings. Unless we consider the human being and his body as the same! However, as I will soon show, this is opposite to the teaching of the Qur’an and Islam in general. The first question that we should be asked is;” Where did such an idea of Resurrection come from?” There is not even a single verse in the Qur’an which supports it clearly. Otherwise, the way of Returning should not be a hot debate in the Muslim world for more 1000 years. Besides, it is clear stated in the Qur’an that during the Rising up the human being will get a new body similar to the previous body;

و قالوا ء اذا کنا عظاما و رفاتا ء انا لمبعوثون خلقا جدیدا ­ اولم یروا ان الله الذی خلق السموات و الارض قادرعلی ان یخلق مثلهم

الاسراء – 97 الی 99

And they (the disbelievers) wonder: Once we are bones and destroyed, will we be raised up through a new creation again?! Don’t they see that God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, is truly able to create similar bodies ?!   These two verses clearly show that the belief in the identity of the human being as his body has always been the belief of those disbelievers! Besides, the body of Resurrection is a similar body, not the same body. I will return to the verses above later.

New creation not re-creation

So this first kind of Resurrection means Re-creation of the first body. Whereas the Qur’an reveals the creation of a new body similar to the previous one;

افعیینا بالخلق الاول بل هم فی لبس من خلق جدید

ق – 15

Have We been worn out and incapable by the first creation?!  But they are still  in doubt about a new creation!

Our body is part of the earth

Yet the believers of  the concept of Resurrection of the dead body claim that God will Re-create the same body , directly from its dust in order to send the soul back to his own body! But according to the Qur’an, human beings have no ownership at all, but is responsible for his own actions;

و ان لیس للانسان الا ما سعی و ان سعیه سوف یری

النجم -38,39

Indeed nothing belongs to the human being but his/her own actions. And indeed s/he will face his/her actions soon.   That’s why according to the Qur’an, at the time of death the human being loses all his worldly ownership and relationships;

ولقد جئتمونا فرادی کما خلقنا کم اول مره وترکتم ما خولنا کم وراء ظهورکم ولقد تقطع بینکم

الانعام – 94

And surely you will come to Us alone in the same manner as We created you at the first time, and you have left behind all that We bestowed upon you and…surely We shall cut off all your attachments.

و تقطعت بهم الاسباب

البقره – 166

And all their belongings and possessions will be cut off.

و فلا انساب بینهم یومئذ

المؤمنون – 102

And at that time there will not be any relatives and relationships.   So the basic and most important ownership which human being will lose forever at the time of death is his own body. We have also to remember that according to the Qur’an every “thing” or phenomena in nature is an Ayah (Sign) of Allah, which teaches and guides us to the Truth. In other words, an “Ayah” ( آیه ) is anything which is considered a Message for us. Now, if the earthly body is that important, and Resurrection in the Qur’an means Resurrection of the dead body, then why would that important dead body be changed to the dust and almost nothingness? In other words, what is the message (Ayah) of such a phenomena in Divine Book of Nature for us? It means that the body belongs to the earth, NOT to human beings.

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید قد علمنا ما تنقض الارض منهم و عندنا کتاب حفیظ

ق – 2 الی 4

The deniers said: This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and turned to dust…? No, such a returning will never take place. Surely We know what the earth reduces from them and with Us is a Registry Book.   So because our body comes from the earth, it will finally return to the earth.

الذی جعل لکم الارض مهدا…منها خلقناکم و فیها نعیدکم

طه -53 ، 55

From the earth we created you (in form) and into the earth we will send to back (your form).   You may say that the dead body turns to dust, and then will be created again in order to show the power of Allah! But for what reason? to whom? Nobody is there at the advent of  the Resurrection! Plus, it is too late to be spiritually awakened by such a Resurrection on The Judgement Day.  I will soon show that the resurrection of the dead body is evidence of a weakness of God! But, let me ask this question first;  does Re-incarnation also include the power of Allah?

Resurrection by human cloning

According the idea of Resurrection of the dead body, despite the dead body becoming dust, yet something will always  remain, like DNA. When the body becomes dust after death, there will not be any Resurrection of the dead body. Simply because it doesn’t exist anymore, and the dust is just “dust”. So what they really mean by Resurrection of the dead body is like the concept of “human cloning” in our science. Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a certain human being. That means the image of the resurrected body will be exactly identical with the image of the previous dead body. Such that if anyone who knew the man in his previous body will recognize him. That means we are not only our bodies but also our outer images! This is also opposite to the teaching of the Qur’an:

و نحشرهم یوم القیمه علی وجوههم عمیا و بکما و صما ذلک جزاوهم بانهم کفروا بایاتنا

الاسراء – 97

And at the Time of  The Raising we will bring them in groups and change their images as blind and dumb and deaf…such things are their punishments as the result of  covering of Our Signs by them.   Verses like the verse above shows that Resurrection in the Qur’an is not the resurrection of the same body. Because those changes mentioned in the verse above are just a few examples. How many changes would be necessary in order to NOT consider the resurrected body as the SAME body before its death?! Imagine if someone returns without hands and feet and other serious changes of the body. Which part of our body makes us the same person?! Our faces?! And who said that every part of the body may be changed except the face in order to be recognized by others?! In order words, make us the REAL one?!

Sex Change

Another example is those who have performed sex change surgeries: male to female and female to male. Also, the possibility of changing the race exists. Imagine a black man in the middle of his life had sex and race surgery and became a white woman. Now the question is who is the REAL person? And who will be resurrected?

Resurrection of human in animal body!

There are verses in the Qur’an which show examples of creating a completely different body than the previous body as punishment:

قل هل انبتکم بشر من ذلک مثوبه عندالله من لعنه الله و غضب علیه و جعل منهم القرده و الخنازیر و عبد الطاغوت اولئک شر مکانا  و اضل عن سواء السبیل

المائده – 60

Tell them!  Shall I reveal to you something worse in the sight of God? It is those whom God throws far away from His Grace and rages against. And turns them into apes and pigs and slaves of the Evil Power. They are in the worse place (abode) and they are lost to the right path.   Also, there are a number of hadiths of the prophet Muhammad that reveal that at the Time of Raising up (Yawm al-Qiyāma یوم القیمه) many people will return in different animal bodies. Like this famous hadith which is narrated of both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. And like these two sunni and shi’a theologians and interpreters of the Qur’an, below: Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Umar ibn al-Husayn al-Taymi al-Bakri al-Tabaristani Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (Arabic/Persian:أبو عبدالله محمد بن عمر بن الحسین فخرالدین الرازی آملی), most commonly known as Fakhruddin Razi, was a well-known Persian Sunni Muslim theologian and philosopher . Fadhl ibn Hasan al-Tabarsi, (Arabic: فضل بن حسن الطبرسي‎, Persian: فضل بن حسن تَفرِشی) known as Shaykh Tabarsi, was a 12th century Persian Shia scholar who died in 548 AH (1153 CE)…His main work is Majma‘ al-bayān, a commentary (tafsir) on the Qur’an. (Wikipedia)   Here is part of the hadith in original Arabic with its translation:

في الحديث عن البراء بن عازب قال :- كان معاذ بن جبل جالساً قريباً من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم في منزل أبي أيوب الأنصاري فقال معاذ يا رسول الله رأيت قول الله تعالى {يوم ينفخ في الصور فتأتون أفواجا} فقال يا معاذ سألت عن أمر عظيم ثم أرسل عينيه بالدموع وقال يُحشرعشرةُ أصنافٍ مِن أُمّتي أَشتاتاً قد مَيّزهم الله تعالي مِن المسلمين وبدّل صُوَرهم: بعضُهم علي صورة القردةِ؛ وبعضهم علي صورة الخنازير، و بعضهم منکسون أرجلهم من فوق، و وجوهم من تحت، ثم يسحَبون عليها، و بعضهم عميً يتردّدون، و بعضهم صمٌّ و بکمٌ لا يعقلون، وبعضهم يمضغون ألسنتهم، تسيل القيحُ من أفواهِهِم لعاباً يتقذّرهم أهل الجمع، و بعضهم مقطعة أيديهم و أرجلُهم،

Ten classes of my community will become dispersed. Allah has separated them and distinguished them from other people. Allah will change some of them to monkeys and pigs, and some of them with feet up and faces down and crawling. Some are blind and walk here and there. Some are deaf and dumb and foolish… and some of them, their hands and feet are cut off.   The verse below is yet another verse about such a case. Because the two phrases “the worse place” ( شر مکانا )  and “the lost to the right path” ( اضل سبیلا ), which are the characteristic descriptions of those people, are identical with those of the verse above.

الذین یحشرون علی وجوههم الی جهنم اولئک شر مکانا  و اضل سبیلا

الفرقان – 34

Those whose images are changing to the Hell! Yes, they are in worse place (abode) and they are lost in the wrong way.


Please observe and try to understand the way of  understanding the language of the Qur’an based on the Structure of Interpretation. The usage of  words in the Qur’an and their place and role in the  structural design of  Qur’anic literature  is essential  and crucial to understanding the Qur’an.


As you see, not only will the human body not have the same previous body, but also in some cases, the human body will be replaced by an animal body! This reveals that, according to the Qur’an and Islam, WE are not OUR human bodies! So ideas like “human cloning”, or something like that, which is about the resurrection of the dead body, or re-creation of the first body, is a man-made idea, and it is opposite to the Qur’an and the teaching of the prophet Muhammad.

Resurrection of the human being by Man!

The Holy Qur’an, in numerous verses, emphasizes that it is ONLY GOD who is able to raise up and return human beings to the Earthly Life again. Like in the verses below;

و قالوا ء اذا کنا عظاما و رفاتا ء انا لمبعوثون خلقا جدیدا…من یعیدنا ؟ قل الذی فطرکم اول مره

الاسراء – 49,51

And the disbelievers wondered: once we are bones and completely destroyed, will we be raised up again through a new creation?!…Who will send us back? Answer: The One Who created you at the first time.



According to the Qur’an, everything we do is in fact the work of Allah:

و الله خلقکم و ما تعلمون

الصافات – 96

And Allah created you and your actions!


But whenever it is about the returning of dead people, the Qur’an emphasizes strongly that it will take place ONLY by GOD.

الله الذی خلقکم ثم رزقکم ثم یمیتکم ثم یحییکم هل من شرکائکم من یفعل ذلکم من شئی سبحانه و تعالی عما یشرکون

الروم – 40

Allah is Him Who created you, then after supplied you , later on takes your life , and later on brings you to back to the life once again. Is there any of your godlike partners who would be able to do such a thing  for you?! Purity and Supremacy to Him Who is beyond what you take as His partner.

  The answer to this question of the Qur’an is a big YES if we believe in Resurrection of the dead body or Re-creation of the first body. Because the technology and knowledge of human cloning, in our time, has made it possible even by Man too! Of course, the methods of  Resurrection may be different, however the result is the same. But, is there any doctor who can make dead people to be RE-BORN but God?


سبحانه و تعالی عما یشرکون

The Self-Identity of the Kufr

The idea of Resurrection of the dead body is based on the understanding of ” US ” as ” OUR  bodies “. So in order to be created again, we should be the SAME body. But such a Resurrection indicates actually an ” Identity Crisis ” by its believers. This makes their mentality, attitude, and their way of understanding, as those disbelievers (Al Kaferoon الکافرون) in the Qur’an. In the view of these people, ” we ” are our bodies! Which means we are ” dus t ” after death!

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید

ق – 2,3

And the disbelievers said; ” This sounds very strange . Despite we will be dead and turned to dust?! No, such a returning will never take place.

That’s why Allah Himself never said, from His point of view, something like this;

قل اذا کنتم ترابا و عظاما و رفاتا اذا انتم تبعثون

Tell them!  when you will become dust and bones and destroyed, then you will be raised up again!   On the contrary, whenever God brings this issue up from His point of view, the Qur’an mentions only the death. Which is of course reasonable and acceptable. like this;

ثم انکم بعد ذلک لمیتون ثم انکم یوم القیمه تبعثون

المومنون – 15 , 16

Later on you will be dead, and later on, at the time of rising up, you will raised up again.   And finally these two verses show the clear differences between the two opposite concepts of  Identity of the human being:

و قالوا اءذا ضللنا فی الارض اءنا لفی خلق جدید بل هم بلقاء ربهم کافرون قل یتوفاکم ملک الموت الذی وکل بکم

السجده – 10,11

And they wondered: once we are one with the earth , will we really be in a new body? Yes, they disbelieve facing their Lord. Answer! the angel of death will take each of you wholly and fully.


So the belief in the idea of  Resurrection is based on wrong assumptions which makes Resurrection to be as an un-Islamic and even anti-Islamic idea! That’s why there is not even a single verse in the Qur’an that would literally and clearly indicate the Resurrection of the dead body. In fact, as I am going to show later, the Qur’an, at least strictly rejects the idea of such a Resurrection. So this kind of Resurrection is not the answer, it is the problem.


Resurrection of a similar body

In our time, it seems that very few theologians believe in the Resurrection of the very same dead body at the Time of Raising up (Yawm al-Qiyāma یوم القیمه) . However, even these theologians are divided on different ideas. Some of them believe that, instead of the Re-creation of the first body from dust, Allah will create a new body from the earth directly, as He created Adam at the beginning. And the new body is not necessarily the same image. Rather it can be any body and image.

The Law of Resurrection

Despite this interpretation of Resurrection, it seems to be more realistic than  the former one.  However, it has even more serious problems. First of all, it means that Resurrection has already happened once, long time ago at the beginning of  history; the resurrection of Adam and Eve. That means, at the Time of Raising up (Yawm al-Qiyāma یوم القیمه), these two human beings will be resurrected once again! And this means a repetition of Resurrection, which is, firstly, unacceptable to those theologians,  and secondly, it indicates the existinence of a law in nature or creation. However, there is no separate law of nature for only two exeptional people. You may say that the definition of  Resurrection is to bring life to the dead people. So the first creation of Adam is not about Resurrection. I don’t agree! Because my point is against the mechanism of  Resurrection, which is the creation of man from dust. However, even if you could be right in the case of the prophet Adam, you are definitely wrong in the case of the prophet Azir.

The case of Azir

According to that verse ( an unknown man in the Qur’an), known as Azir in Hadith (who was a prophet of the Children of Israel), he would be resurrected after having been dead for 100 years even if  his body had long turned to bones and dust:

او کالذی مرعلی قریه و هی خاویه علی عروشها قال انی یحی هذه الله بعد موتها فاماته الله مائه عام ثم بعثه قال کم لبثت قال لبثت یوما او بعض یوم قال بل لبثت مائه عام فانظر الی طعامک و شرابک لم یتسنه و انظر الی حمارک و لنجعلک ایه للناس و انظر الی العظام کیف ننشزها ثم نکسوها لحما فلما تبین له قال اعلم ان الله علی کل شئی قدیر

البقره – 259

  If that is the case as commentators believe, then we have a serious problem here. Because it will be evidence in the Qur’an that Resurrection of the dead body is not only repeatable, but actually it has already happened. For this man (Azir), according to the Qur’an, will be resurrected at the end of this world, once again!

God is Law

That means Resurrection is a law of creation. Because the nature of law is “Repetition“. When a phenomena repeats itself, then it indicates the existence of a law, and there is no law without repetition. Every phenomena that appears twice, it indicates a pattern. What is the pattern of the creation which makes repetition of a phenomena possible? You may say there is neither a pattern, nor the law of the Resurrection. And, that what happened in the case of Adam and Azir was actually an exception and specific decision of Allah and His power! But how can we know that?! Did Allah Himself say that in His book? The Qur’an is not a Roman book. It is the Book of The Ayat (The Signs), meaning the Reflections of the design of Creation in words. And the Qur’an demands us to think about them in order to understand and learn about life and its laws.

کذلک یبین الله لکم الایات لعلکم تتفکرون

البقره – 266

In such a way, Allah will enlighten you about the Signs and clarify them in order to make you to think.

So any repetition of a phenomena in the book, the Qur’an, is the reflection of that repetition in the Book of Nature and Creation. This is the way of understanding the Qur’an, not as a story but as the history. The difference between them is, the history tells us about the laws of the story. If the stories of creation of Adam and Azir, as the “Signs” , are not about the law of  life, and they are just exceptions and specific decisions of Allah, then there is nothing to think about them for the rest of humanity. In other words, what is the lesson of something, that exception, that it would never take place for the rest of Mankind ?! When a phenomena take place twice, why can it not happen several times? Nothing can prevent it but another law. And the essence of any law is the same: repetition. Also, here we have not only a scientific problem, for repetition is the pattern of natural law, but also a cultural problem. Because the act of Allah follows a pattern which is His Own pattern and the power of Him manifests through the laws of creation and nature. In other words; God is Law.

سنت الله التی قد خلت من قبل و لن تجد لسنته الله تبدیلا

الفتح – 23

The laws of God are the same as they have always been before, and there will never be any change of it, at all.   You may say the difference between story of Adam and Azir in the Qur’an , is that Adam was created for the first time whereas Azir was re-created. In other words, unlike Adam, Azir was resurrected after his death. But, what is the difference between creation of Adam from dust, at the first time, and his new/re-creation, also from dust, at the Time of Raising up? The answer is nothing, but the “another time”. That’s why the Qur’an emphasizes on the “another time” , and placed it as next in importance after the faith in God;

و ما ذا علیهم لو ء امنوا بالله و الیوم الاخر

النساء – 39

What would be the harm to them if they would have faith to Allah and to the “another time”?!

The resurrection of countless people

The Qur’an tells us about thousands of people who died and later on come back to the life again.

الم تر الی الذین خرجوا من دیارهم و هم الوف حذرالموت فقال لهم الله موتوا ثم احیاهم

البقره – 243

Did you not hear about those thousands of people who left their lands and homes in order to save their lives , yet Allah told them to die and afterwards they came back to life?!

According to Hadiths, the numbers of these people were actually countless, and long after they died their bodies disintegrated into earth:

فی الاحتجاج عن الصادق علیه السلام فی حدیث قال : ” احیا الله قوما خرجوا من اوطانهم هاربین من الطاعون ، لایحصی عددهم ، فاماتهم الله دهرا طویلا حتی بلیت عظامهم ، وتقطعت اوصالهم ، وصاروا ترابا ، فبعث الله فی وقت احب ان یری خلقه نبیا یقال له : حزقیل ، فدعاهم فاجتمعت ابدانهم ، ورجعت فیها ارواحهم ، وقاموا کهیئة یوم ماتوا ، لایفتقدون فی اعدادهم رجلا فعاشوا بعد ذلک دهرا طویلا

Yet, Allah created them again. This means they were all resurrected ! And, according to the idea of Resurrection, they will be resurrected once again at the time of Rising up! It means the repetition of resurrection on the earth! But, that also means that Resurrection MUST be the law of nature.

Returning to the beginning

The believers of Resurrection refer to the verses of the Qur’an saying “Returning” will take place through the same way of creating at the beginning of the first creation. This is actually an universal principle of returning of anything mentioned in the Qur’an;

کما بدانا اول خلق نعیده وعدا علینا انا کنا فاعلین

الانبیاء – 104

In the same manner as We started the first creation originally, We will return it. This is Our promise. Surely We are going to do it!   And the very beginning of the first creation of humanity was from ” Mud “;

و بدأ خلق الانسان من طین

السجده – 7

And He originally began the creation of human beings from ” Mud ” .   So at the time of Resurrection, Allah will create human beings again, directly from the “mud” as He did in the case of the first human being, ie. Adam. Let us have a look to the whole verses, which according to the commentators of the Qur’an, are about the creation of Adam and his children;

الذی احسن کل شئی خلقه و بدأ خلق الانسان من طین و جعل نسله من سلاله من ماء مهین

السجده – 7,8

He Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner. And originally began the creation of “human beings”  from Mud. And made the creation of humanity from the creatures from the humble fluid.   The commentators mean that God created Adam from Mud directly. In other words he was created through Resurrection. However, his children, who are the rest of humanity, have been created from semen and through birth.

The Creation of Human in the Qur’an

Now, in order to find what it means with the concept “Bada” ( بدأ  ) or “Beginning“, in the verses above, we have to review the creation of the Human in the Qur’an.  The Iranian , Dr. Sahabi, Yadollah, strongly disputed  the traditionalists interpretation of the relevant verses in the Qur’an. In his research, he tried to show that the description of the creation of the Human in the Qur’an clearly supports the idea of Evolution in modern science.

Dr. Sahabi’s work, at least considered that the creation of Man in the Qur’an is not against the idea of Evolution. His main discussion was about proving, through reference of the verses in the Qur’an, that the creation of Adam as the first human being  didn’t take place directly from mud.  So Adam was not the Father of  humanity. Because such as concept doesn’t exist in the Qur’an at all.
However, here, I will come to the same conclusion in another way and based on the “Structure Interpretation” which I explained in part 4. As I have shown before, the traditional understanding of the creation of the first human being (Adam) is almost the same as the creation of a bird from the mud by Isa. Here is a comparison of both cases;

انی خالق بشرا من طین فاذا سویته و نفخت فیه من روحی

ص – 71,72

Indeed, I created Man of Mud. Then when it has been fashioned nicely, I blew on it of My Soul.

انی اخلق لکم من الطین کهیئه الطیر فانفخ فیه فیکون طیرا باذن الله

آل عمران – 49

Indeed, I created a figure of a bird for you. Then I blew on it and it turned to a living/real bird by the permission (law) of Allah.   Maybe the most important verses which might indicate to such a comparison are these below;

الذی احسن کل شئی خلقه و بداء خلق الانسان من طین و جعل نسله من سلاله من ماء مهین

السجده – 7, 8

He Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner. And began the creation of “the human being” from Mud, originally. And turned the creation of humanity from the creatures from the humble fluid.   Here I am going to analyze these verses; Firstly, the word ( الانسان ) means Mankind, NOT a certain man known as “Adam“. Secondly, the pronoun of the word ” naslah” ( نسله ) which refers to the ( الانسان ) or “Mankind”, means “humanity“, and NOT children of a man, due to the unique language of the Qur’an. The word ” naslah” ( نسله ) is used in the Qur’an only twice. The “another time” is used without any pronoun, as in the verse below;

و اذا تولی سعی فی الارض لیفسد فیها و یهلک الحرث و النسل

البقره – 205

And once he is turned away, he will try to cause disorder on the earth and destroy both agriculture and humanity.   If, what the commentators claim would be right, then the verses should sounds in this way;

الذی احسن کل شئی خلقه و بداء خلق الادم من طین و جعل ذرّیه من سلاله من ماء مهین

السجده – 7,8

He Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner. And began the creation of  Adam  from Mud, originally. And turned the creation of  his generations  from the creatures from the humble fluid.   Because “children” or “generation” in the language of the Qur’an, is “zorriyah” ( ذرّیه ) or ” bani” ( بنی ). And the criteria for the right meaning of the Qur’anic words is ONLY the way of  use of the language of the Qur’an. Because the Qur’an is The Criteria ( المیزان ) and The Distinction ( الفرقان ) of Guidance and Rightness in a complete manner. Now notice these verses below;

واذقلنا للملائکه اسجدوا لادم فسجدوا الا ابلیس قال ء اسجد لمن خلقت طینا قال ارایتک هذاالذی کرمت علی لئن اخرتن الی یوم القیمه لاحتنکن ذریته الا قلیلا

الاسراء – 61,62

و اذ اخذ ربک من بنی ادم من ظهورهم ذرّیتهم و اشهدهم علی انفسهم الست بربکم قالوا بلی شهدنا ان تقولوا یوم القیمه انا کنا عن هذا غافلین او تقولوا انما اشرک اباونا من قبل و کنا ذرّیه من بعدهم

الاعراف – 172,173

اولئک الذین انعم الله علیهم من النبیین من ذریه ادم و ممن حملنا مع نوح و من ذریه ابراهیم و اسرائیل

مریم – 68

  The word “zorriyah” ( ذرّیه ) is used in the Qur’an even for the children of Satan;

و اذقلنا للملائکه اسجدوا لادم فسجدوا الا ابلیس کان من الجن ففسق عن امر ربه افتتخذونه و ذریته اولیاء من دونی

الکهف – 50

  It is useful to mention that the word, or ” bani” ( بنی ), is not necessarily synonymous with the word “zorriyah” ( ذرّیه ). For example, the word ( بنی اسرائیل ) “Bani Israel” which literary means the “children of Israel“, yet in the language of the Qur’an means the “people of Israel“. Even if they are actually NOT the physical or biological children of Israel. At least part of them could be a generation of people before Israel, or an even earlier, foreign people. This is the language of the Qur’an. So we are not allowed to imply “meaning”  from outside influences onto the Qur’an. So in the Qur’an the word “Bani Adam” ( بنی ادم ) doesn’t necessarily mean the children of Adam. Many of them could be a generation before the creation of Adam. In other words, Adam himself was a child of that generation. Despite this, Adam is still considered as the Father of Mankind from a spiritual aspect. Finally, the word ( نسله ) has never been used as “children or generation”,  neither of Adam nor anyone else. This is important because the way of using words in the Qur’an gives us the right meaning of them. Thirdly, the words ( بداء خلق ) don’t mean “directly”. It only means the “origin of creating”. And nobody is against the fact that the creation of  ALL LIVINGS were ORIGINALLY from the earth and fluid (or water). So “originally” is NOT the same as “directly“. That’s why the Qur’an explains further what it means by that;

ولقد خلقنا الانسان من سلاله من طین ثم جعلناه نطفه فی قرار مکین

المومنون – 12 , 13

And indeed We created human being from evolved creatures from the mud. Later on We turned it as semen into a stable condition.   So the creation of ALL human beings (including Adam and Eve) from the earth doesn’t mean ” directly “.

هو اعلم بکم اذ انشاکم من الارض و اذ انتم اجنه فی بطون امهاتکم

النجم – 32

He knows best about you when He created you all, originally from the earth, and when you were fetuses inside your mothers.   Fourthly, if Allah would create Adam directly from the earth , then he would have been created from a piece of  Mud. In this case, the Qur’an should use the word ( الطین ) or “the mud”  instead of  “Mud” ( طین ).  Like in the case of creating a bird by Isa, as follows;

انی اخلق لکم من الطین کهیئه الطیر فانفخ فیه فیکون طیرا باذن الله

ال عمران – 49

Indeed, I created a figure of a bird for you. Then I blew on it and it turned to a living/real bird by the permission of Allah (Law of Nature) .   Because the form ( الطین ) ” the mud ” refers to a ” certain piece of  Mud “, whereas ( طین ) indicates to the root of creation in general. Fifth, if the creation of Adam (and Eve) were directly from a ” certain piece of  Mud “, then it would be an exceptional phenomena in nature and creation. And if the intention of the Qur’an, by repeating it, was to emphasis an unusual and extraordinary phenomena which would demonstrates the power of Allah, then it should expresses it, at least in two different ways;

The Sign of Tone

1– One of the important understandings of the Qur’an is the principle of the primacy vs recency of words in the verses of the Qur’an. And one of the functions of this principle is to cause a certain “tone”. As is the case in all languages. We should always remember that EVERYTHING in the Qur’an is an Ayah or a Sign. So even the primacy vs recency of words, or the places of the words and the tones of verses, are an Ayah or a Sign. Here I will show the result of using the principle of the primacy vs recency of words in some of verses concerning creation. The place of the word ( طین ) or “Mud” would be changed to a emphasize and stress the “tone“. Because the verse below, for example, normally sounds as follows;

هو الذی خلقکم من طین

الانعام – 2

He is Who created you from Mud.   But, if it would emphasize an unusual and extraordinary phenomena by Allah, then it should express the sentence with this kind of tone;

هو الذی من طین خلقکم

He is Who from Mud created you.   With respects to such an expression, these already exist in the Qur’an;

انی اخلق لکم من الطین کهیئه الطیر

ال عمران – 49

Indeed, I created from the mud,  a form of a bird for you.   Otherwise, it should sounds like the below-mentioned verse which is expressed in the same manner or pattern as was the case in creating Adam (or Human);

انی اخلق لکم کهیئه الطیر من الطین

ال عمران – 49

Indeed, I created a form of a bird,  from the mud  for you.   So the question is why a normal and natural phenomena, and one supposed to be unusual and extraordinary in demonstrating the great power of Allah, would sound in the same tone ?!

خلق الانسان من طین

السجده – 7

He created human being,  from Mud.

خلق الانسان من نطفه

النحل – 4

He created human being,  from Semen.   Interesting enough, however, the Qur’an also expresses the case of  creating human beings from the semen  in a different way. Have a closer look below and compare the original Qur’anic verse (A) with my verse (B) which comes after it;

وهو الذی خلق من الماء بشرا

الفرقان – 54

A) – And He is Who created from the fluid (semen) the Man.

وهو الذی خلق بشرا من الماء

B) – And He is Who created the Man from the fluid (semen) .

And the design of the above restructured verse, with the same tone as it normally sounds , is exactly the same as the actual Qur’anic verse below;

انی خالق بشرا من طین

ص – 71

I am the Creator of the Man from Mud.   The conclusion is surprising. Contrary to the creation of human beings from Mud ( من طین ), in the eyes of the Qur’an, the verse implies the creation of human beings from semen ( من الماء ), which demonstrates the Great Power of Allah !! That’s why Allah admires Himself when He describes the natural process of the ” birth ” in the Qur’an;

و لقد خلقنا الانسان من سلاله من طین ثم جعلنه من نطفه من فی قرار مکینفتبارک الله احسن الخالقین

المومنون – 12 الی14

And indeed, We created human being from evolved creatures originally from Mud. Later on We turned it as semen into a stable condition…so the Glory belongs to The Best of all creators.   Notice the another example;

وجعلنا من الماء کل شی حی

الانبیاء – 30

And We made from the fluid (water) all living creatures.

This verse, instead, does not of expressing the same meaning  in the normal manner of language and common tone in the Qur’an as it does below;

وجعلنا کل شی حی من الماء

And We made all living creatures from the fluid (water).

  There are many other examples in the Qur’an for those who are interested in this, such as;

من الارض ؛ من تراب ؛ من سلاله من طین ؛ من صلصال کالفخار ؛ من صلصال من حما مسنون ؛ من ماء دافق ؛ من سلاله من ماء مهین ؛ من نطفه ؛ من علق ؛ من بطون امهاتکم

There are plenty of  verses about the creation of humanity in the Qur’an. If the creation of Adam would be directly from a piece of Mud, then the Qur’an, at least,  in ONE verse, should change the formulation of its expression, as such;

خلق من الطین ادم

خلق من الطین بشرا

Or at least;

من طین خلق الانسان


2. If the creation of Adam (and Eve) was directly from a “certain piece of  Mud”, then it would be an exceptional phenomena in nature and creation. In such a case, the Qur’an should express the exceptional phenomena with a proper formulation. For instance, by using the word “except” . Like this;

واذقلنا للملائکه اسجدوا لادم فسجدوا الا ابلیس

الاسراء – 62

And when We demand of the angles to praise Adam, all of them did it except Iblis (the father of satans).   As such in this way;

هو الذی خلقکم من نطفه الا ادم خلقه من تراب

He is Who created you all from semen, except  Adam, who was created from Dust.   Notice that in such a case, even the word ” Dust ” (تراب ) would be changed to ” the dust ” ( التراب ), which means a piece of Dust. Interesting enough, the Qur’an describes the creation of ALL human beings from both ” dust ” and ” semen “, and never made ANY KIND of  exceptional expression!

هو الذی خلقکم من تراب ثم من نطفه ثم من علقه ثم یخرجکم طفلا

المومن- 67

He is Who created ALL of you from “Dust”, later on from “Semen”, afterwards from “Embryo” and finally brought you forth as a child.   So because of the plural pronoun ( کم  ) or ” you all ” , in the phrase,  یخرجکم طفلا  , which means the ” birth “, it means the birth of  Adam too.

Sixthly, the usage of the word ” sawiyatah ” ( سویته ), which means ” fashioning him completely and nicely “, only in the case of  the creation of Man, is another strong evidence for the fundamental difference for the two ways of creation;

انی خالق بشرا من طین فاذا سویته و نفخت فیه من روحی

ص – 71,72

Indeed, I created Man of Mud. Then when it has been fashioned nicely, I blew on it of My Soul.

انی اخلق لکم من الطین کهیئه الطیر فانفخ فیه فیکون طیرا باذن الله

ال عمران – 49

Indeed, I created a figure of a bird for you. Then I blew on it and it turned to a living/real bird by the permission of Allah (Law of Nature) . The word ” sawiyatah ” ( سویته ), which means  ” fashion completely and nicely ” ,  also indicates a ” period of time ” . This means, evolution to the state of a ” human being “, which is expressed by the the word ( روحی ), or ” My soul “. And finally, the verse about creating the bird by Isa, shows that the way of creating Adam was not the same! Because in this case, it was about performing a miracle in order to guide those disbelievers back to the Truth. Miracles are usually something that the Messengers and Masters, against their willing, had eventually been forced to do, in order to challenge those disbelievers. Then why would the creation of Adam be a miracle?!

The crucial verse of the proof

As I mentioned before, the verse below indicates that the creation of the WHOLE of humanity, including Adam, took place in the same manner through semen and birth. The only pronoun « کم », or ” you all “, refers to the creation of ALL human beings’, from both ” dust ” and ” semen ” with the same structure and the same gramatical tone!

هو الذی خلقکم من تراب ثم من نطفه ثم من علقه ثم یخرجکم طفلا

المومن- 67

He is Who created ALL of you from “Dust”, later on from “Semen”, afterwards from “Embryo” and finally brought you forth as a child.   Despite the clearness of the verse, and the above mentioned outcome, yet, someone may say that the plural pronoun, « کم » or ” you all “, refers to both the direct creation of Adam from the mud,  and to the indirect creation of his children from the mud, through semen and natural birth. But, this is obviously an argument based on an EXCUSE. However, there is no opportunity for any possible excuse  in the following verse here below;

اکفرت بالذی خلقک من تراب ثم من نطفه ثم سواک رجلا

الکهف – 37

Do you deny Him Who created you from “Dust” and later on from “Semen” and later on fashioned you as a man?!

Because, here, there is a single pronoun which refers to only ONE human being ( who is long after Adam). Now, how can this SINGLE man be created from both ” dust ” and ” semen ” ?! Here, you cannot explain it by saying this particular man was created from the mud indirectly and from the semen directly. Because with this phrase  « من تراب ثم من نطفه » MUST be the plural pronoun « کم », or ” you all ” , to maybe indicate such an explanation.

In other words, there must be a difference between the two verses above. The first verse, which is about the creation of the whole of Mankind, and the second verse, which is about the creation of a single man, cannot simply be described in the same way.

Also, within the second verse , the creation from the “mud” and the creation from ” semen ” , من تراب ثم من نطفه , expresses without any distinction or exception. This would mean the same single man was created first from the ” mud ” and later from ” semen “!!

This is, the genuine interpretation and understanding of the Qur’an, based on the structural design of the literature.

Continuation of First Creation

Now, let us return to those verses which explain the way of  “Returning” at the beginning of the first creation;

و لقد جئتمونا کما خلقناکم اول مره

الکهف – 38

And surely you will come to Us in the same manner as We created you at the first time.

کما بدانا اول خلق نعیده وعدا علینا انا کنا فاعلین

الانبیاء – 104

In the same manner as We started the first creation originally, We will return it. This is Our promise. Surely We are going to do so. The words ( کما بدانا ) don’t mean the ” Returning ” will take place through Re-creation, or a New-creation of human beings, from the dust or the mud directly. It means ” based on the same pattern and precess as it began before ” . This is of crucial importance in understanding the verse. So, the verse  ( کما بدانا اول خلق نعیده ),  means the “Returning” will take place, based on the same existing pattern of the creation as it started at the beginning of history. In other words, “Returning” is the continuing of the same creation as it was at the beginning;

افعیینا بالخلق الاول ؟ بل هم فی لبس من خلق جدید

ق – 15

Have We been worn out and incapable by the first creation?! But they are still  in doubt about the next creation!

The Power of Beauty

The same verses above consider this as the best and most beautiful way of creating the human being. In other words, the natural way of creating human beings, according to the existing law of nature, is the most beautiful one. And ONLY this way of creation makes Allah the Best and the most Beautiful Creator;

الذی احسن کل شئی خلقه و بداء خلق الانسان من طین و جعل نسله من سلاله من ماء مهین

السجده – 7,8

He Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner. And began the creation of “human being” originally from Mud. And turned the creation of humanity from the creatures from the humble fluid.

و لقد خلقنا الانسان من سلاله من طین ثم جعلنه من نطفه من فی قرار مکین…فتبارک الله احسن الخالقین

المومنون – 12,13

And indeed, We created human beings from evolved creatures from Mud. Later on We turned it as semen in a stable condition…so the Glory belongs to The Best of all creators.   Let us put these two important phrases of the above verse together;

فتبارک الله احسن الخالقین الذی احسن کل شئی خلقه

Glory belongs to Allah Who is the Best and Most Beautiful Creator among all creators! He is Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner.   However, at the end of the world, even the rest of humanity will be resurrected like their original father, as it was at the beginning of history! But Why? Why would Allah reduce His own Glory by changing His best and most beautiful way of creation to a lower one, like the creation of a bird from the mud directly by Isa, who was obviously a lower creator ?!

انی اخلق لکم من الطین کهیئه الطیر فانفخ فیه فیکون طیرا باذن الله

آل عمران – 49

Indeed, I created a figure of a bird for you. Then I blew on it and it turned to a living/real bird by the permission of Allah (Law of Nature) .   Besides, it is against the universal principle of the Qur’an, which is about the unchangeable rules of divinity.

سنت الله التی قد خلت من قبل و لن تجد لسنته الله تبدیلا

الفتح – 23

The laws of God are the same as they have always been and there will never be any change to it at all.

The question should be asked from an aesthetic point of view. Which of these two kinds of creation is the most beautiful art;  the resurrection of the dead body, or the natural birth of the human being? And, according to the Qur’an, the most beautiful names belongs to Allah.

و لله الاسماء الحسنی

الاعراف – 180

  By ” Names “, means, His attributes which are manifested in the Creation. So, whenever we have to choose between one of two beautiful things, we have to choose the most beautiful one as remembrance of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah. This is the Power of Allah, to love the beauty.  As the prophet Muhammad said;

ان الله جمیل یحب الجمال

Truely Allah is The Most Beautiful and He loves the beauty.

Returning of human beings like Plants!

The traditionalist understanding of  the concept of Returning in the Qur’an, is the same as plants growing  directly from the earth!  And they refer to some verses in the Qur’an which, in appearance, indicates this clearly, such as;

  و الذی نزل من السماء ماء بقدر فانشرنابه بلده میتا کذلک تخرجون


الزخرف – 10الی12 

And He send down some water from the sky in order to grow vegetables from a dead land. Suchlike this way, you will be brought forth!

و انزل من السماء ماء فاخرجنابه ازواجا من نبات شتیمنها خلقناکم و فیها نعیدکم و منها نخرجکم تاره اخری

طه -53الی55

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید…ونزلنا من السماء ماء مبارکا فانبتنابه جنات و حب الحصید…واحیینابه بلد میتا کذلک الخروج…افعیینا بالخلق الاول بل هم فی لبس من خلق جدید…یوم یسمعون الصیحه بالحق ذلک یوم الخروج

ق – 2 الی 43

However, this is due to their misunderstanding of the language of the Qur’an. They didn’t understand or notice the difference between (   ذلک  ), or ” This is “, and( کذلک ), or ” Suchlike is “. However, the verses above explain the ” Returning ” of human beings  SIMILAR to (but not the SAME as) the ” growing ” of the plants from the earth.

Birth as Growth

On the contrary, to the traditional understanding of the second or last creation, the Qur’an itself, surprisingly enough, considers the complete opposite.  It implies our CURRENT life, which is considered to be our FIRST creation, has been like the “growing” of the plants from the earth!! And, indeed, the way of this expression is much more clear and stronger when used in the language of the Qur’an, as if we were the plants themselves!

والله انبتکم من الارض نباتا ثم یعیدکم فیها و یخرجکم اخراجا

نوح – 18,17

And Allah made you to grow like a vegetation. Later He will send you back to the earth and brings you forth again.

This means the ” birth ” of human beings and the ” growth ” of plants, takes place according to the same and basic Universal Laws of Nature, which yet, manifests in different forms, depending on the nature of different creatures. This is actually based on the Qur’anic principle; Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity.

Now, let us combine these two verses in order to have a complete image;

و الذی نزل من السماء ماء بقدر فانشرنابه بلده میتا کذلک تخرجون…والله انبتکم من الارض نباتا ثم یعیدکم فیها و یخرجکم اخراجا

And He send down some water from the sky in order to grow vegetables from a dead land. Suchlike this way, you will be brought forth!And Allah made you to grow like a vegetation. Later He will send you back to the earth and brings you forth again.

The verse means, the way of the new creation at the time of  ” Returning ” is not a unique one. Rather, it has ALREADY taken place at the first creation. So why would those disbelievers deny something which they have already experienced? And, this is the meaning of the word ” disbelief ” or ” Kufr ” ( الکفر ) in the Qur’an; to COVER up the Truth, and To hide a reality which they already KNOW about it.

افرایتم ما تمنون أ انتم تخلقونه ام نحن الخالقون نحن قدرنا بینکم الموت…و ننشئکم فی ما لا تعلمون لقد علمتم النشاه الاولی فلولا تذکرون

الواقعه – 62

Did you the semen? Is it YOU who created that or We are the Creators?! We cause death among you…and We shall created you again in bodies which you don’t have any idea about. However, surely you already know about the previous creation. Then, why you don’t understand it ?!

That’s why, in the following the same category of  verses, the Qur’an explains the new/next creation like the current/first one. Let us have look again to the verses;

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید…ونزلنا من السماء ماء مبارکا فانبتنابه جنات و حب الحصید…واحیینابه بلد میتا کذلک الخروج…افعیینا بالخلق الاول بل هم فی لبس من خلق جدید

And the disbelievers said; ” This sounds very strange . Despite we will be dead and turned to dust?! No, such a returning will never take place…Have We been worn out and incapable by the first creation?! But they are still  in doubt about the new /next creation!

This world or after it?

The believers in the idea of Resurrection,  generally believe that by the time of  Qiyamah or Uprising, this materiel world will be destroyed and a new world will be arise which is completely unknown to us. However, this is opposed to the clear verses of the Qur’an.

The concept of Returning

The Qur’an has described the rising up of human beings after death as ” Returning ” :

فقال الکافرون هذا شئی عجیب ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا ذلک رجع بعید؟

ق – 3,2

The disbelievers said; “This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and become dust…? No, such a returning will never take place.

و قالوا ء اذا کنا عظاما و رفاتا ء انا لمبعوثون خلقا جدیدا؟…من یعیدنا ؟

الاسراء – 49,51

And the disbelievers wondered; “once we are bones and completely destroyed, will we be raised up again through a new creation?!…Who will return us?

کما بدانا اول خلق نعیده وعدا علینا انا کنا فاعلین

الانبیاء – 104

In the same manner as We started the first creation, We will return it. This is Our promise. Surely We are going to do it.

Now, the very concept of Returning indicates that we will return to the life of this materiel world. You cannot RETURN to somewhere you’ve NEVER been before. That why, the Qur’an explains it even more clearly here:

الذی جعل لکم الارض مهدا…منها خلقناکم و فیها نعیدکم و منها نخرجکم تاره اخری

طه –55

And He made the earth to your growing place…therefrom We have created you and into that shall We send you back, and therefrom We shall bring you out (to the life) once again!   In this verse, the Qur’an emphasizes, at least three times or in three different forms, that Ma’ad or ” Returning ” will be to the life of this materiel world. Firstly, it explains in a clear way that the place of ” Returning ” will be exactly the same earth as we were born and will die in. Notice, that ” the same earth ” includes the same LAW OF NATURE. This means, we will be BORN in the same manner as we have been in this life, according to the laws of nature. Otherwise, it cannot be considered as the SAME, or « منها », in the verse above. Secondly, the design of the verse is in such a way, that the pronouns « منها » and «فیها  » came before the verbs. This stress on the pronoun makes the tone of the language. Otherwise, it would sounds in a normal way like this;

خلقناکم منها و نعیدکم فیها و نخرجکم منها

Thirdly, the words: ” once again” or « تاره اخری » , in this verse of the Qur’an, indicates “Repetition“. The outcome of the above analysis is clear: we will be HERE AGAIN! In other words;

the ” next life ” of Akherat (الاخره ) doesn’t mean, in this case, somewhere we return to, but the ” Returning ”  itself !

You may say that according to some verse this materiel world will be destroyed. Yes, you are right! But, according to the Qur’an EVERYTHING will be destroyed and raised up again, even this materiel world! And, many or most of us will be returned and re-born again even in that future materiel world which is like this world.

Notice, that the description of global change in this world, in the Qur’an, has ALWAYS taken place in the universe, according to the new discoveries in science.

Two kinds of The Qiyamah

Different verses about Rising Up, indicate that there are two different kinds of  “The Time of The Qiyamahیوم القیمه  :

1. The Qiyamah of the human being:

ثم انکم بعد ذلک لمیتون ثم انکم یوم القیمه تبعثون

المومنون – 16

Then, you will die and later you will be raised up again at the time of uprising!

According to the first kind of the Qiyamah, dead people will be raised up again in the same earth that they lived in, and left before. This is called The Small Qiyamah. Let us show it in this way- the ba’ath بعث  .

2. The Qiyamah of the world: According to several verses on our physical world, we will face comprehensive changes, which finally leads to The end of the old world. However, a New world will turn up. This is The Uprising (the ba’ath  البعث) of the world, similar to the previous world.

يوم تبدل الارض غير الارض و السموات

ابراهیم – 48

When this earth will be replaced by other earth and the Sky too.

This is called The Great Qiyamah. Therefore, let us show it in this way – ”  Ba’ath البعث ” . However, following this uprising of the world, even the uprising of human beings will take place once again.You cannot claim that the uprising of the human beings will occur both in the previous earth الارض and in the next earth ,غير الارض at the same time!!

However, even the idea of Resurrection, cannot come true in the other worlds, but only in this earthly world. And this is actually a clear contradiction of the false idea of  Resurrection. The believers of Resurrection should decide in which world Resurrection will actually take place and how?!

Think about this!

Re-incarnation in the Qur’an – 4



بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّ‌حْمَـٰنِ الرَّ‌حِيمِ

What is the Qur’an


Divine MasterWork


   قُل لَّئِنِ اجْتَمَعَتِ الْإِنسُ وَالْجِنُّ عَلَىٰ أَن يَأْتُوا بِمِثْلِ هَـٰذَا الْقُرْ‌آنِ لَا يَأْتُونَ بِمِثْلِهِ وَلَوْ كَانَ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍ ظَهِيرً‌ا

الاسراء – 88

Speak! Even though ALL the visible and invisible powers must be gathered in order to create (a book) like this Qur’an, they will NEVER be able to do that, even if they support each other!

 The Mystical Journey in the Night – 88

The Greatest Discovery in History about

the Holy Qur’an 

This special part is about one of my discoveries concerning the Qur’an which is the most important and the greatest discovery, at least, in the history of  Islam!

Muslims believe the Qur’an is the Greatest Miracle of The Final and Ultimate Prophet , Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is not merely because of the Divine Messages, as the Spirit of the Qur’an, but also the very construct of the language, as the Body of the Qur’an. More than 1400 years has passed since the Qur’an was born. The Islamic theologians and the commentors, like all other Muslims, have always considered the Qur’an as a straight-forward “Text” without any specific or hidden pattern or meaning.

The Genuine Interpretation of the Qur’an


There are different kinds of interpretations of the Qur’an. However, the most reliable and advanced of them is the interpretation of the Qur’an by itself (or تفسیر القرآن بالقرآن). Here is a short description of this kind of Interpretation from Wikipedia;  

 Interpretation of the Qur’an with the Qur’an is very common because of the close interrelatedness of the verses of the Qur’an with one another. The Qur’anic verses explain and interpret one another, and therefore constitute the highest level of authenticity. Many verses or words in the Qur’an are explained or further clarified in other verses of the Qur’an. One example of this kind is Tafsir al – Mizan by the Iranian  Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Tabataba’i.

According to this method of the interpretation, the Qur’an is such a “Text” that different verses of it, interpret each other. This is actually in harmony with the unique character and status of the Qur’an which I explained in the part 2. That’s why the Qur’an itself has brought up the general issue of it’s context and Interpretation;

 و لقد صرفنا فی هذا القران للناس من کل مثل و کان الانسان اکثر شئی جدلا

الکهف – 54

 و لایاتونک بمثل الا جئناک بالحق و احسن تفسیرا

الفرقان – 33

 And surely We have brought up and explained issues of every subject for humanity in this Qur’an. Yet, Man is disputing it in most cases!

 The Cave – 54

So they will not bring up an issue which We didn’t send to you based on the Truth (in the Qur’an), which is also the best and most beautiful interpretation.

The Criteria – 33

However, this modern interpretation, despite being the right method of interpretation and a genuine one,could not afford significant understanding of the Qur’an. Because, this method was unfortunately used to a limited extent. Besides, it was mostly used in order to support the presumption and pre-understanding of the verses by the commentators (مفسرین) rather than to discover the true meaning of the words, and eventually new realities in the Qur’an.

 The purification of Mind

 So in order to understand the Qur’an it needs a purification of the interpretation. This means, we should purify us from ALL presumptions and pre-understandings. We are not allowed to impose any idea on the Qur’an. Ideas would naturally appear in the Qur’an. We are not allowed to guide the Qur’an towards our own presumptions or pre-understandings. Simply because it will not work with the Qur’an.

 انه لقران کریم فی کتاب مکنون لایسمه الا المطهرون

الواقعه – 77 الی 79 

Surely this is, THAT Blessing of the Qur’an, in Sacred and Secure Form which nobody is able to touch without being pure.

The Reality (Event) – 77 to 79

But this is, in no way, an easy task. Surely some of the commentators (مفسرین) tried to do that. However, the power of Mind is so strong that it makes it in some cases almost impossible to get rid of the presumptions or pre-understandings. 

But, in general, nobody confesses and even knows this. The problem is how to meet the Qur’an? We believe that we meet the Qur’an, merely because it is there. But in reality we meet our own presumptions or pre-understandings through the Qur’an. And because that will not work, the Qur’an will remain a mystery.

So in order to meet the Qur’an, it needs a serious and profound purification. This will lead to the liberation of the Qur’an from our perceptions and imagination.


 The next task is to know “what kind of book the Qur’an is“? Due to our perception and imagination, we consider the Qur’an as simply a “book“, although a divine One. But yet, in reality, we basically consider this “book” like other man-made books.

For instance, we consider this “book” as a “text“. And its Arabic language as a “human language“. Don’t we? These two important elements are enough to consider the Qur’an like other human books.


The Unique Language of the Qur’an

 The language of the Qur’an is “Arabic”. But WHY ?!

It is said that obviously because Muhammad was an Arab and the environment of  Revelation was Arabic. And, also due to the perfection of the Arabic language. Finally, because of the Sacred Divine Energy of the Arabic language.

I am agree with all of them, yet there is one important consideration concerning the perfection the Arabic language. In my opinion, despite the high quality of the Arabic language and its crucial role in the creation of the Qur’an, yet the Arabic language, like other languages in the history of humanity, has its own debility and weaknesses. 

The Qur’an has chosen the Arabic language. However, in order to create the Master-Work, the Qur’an came with an initiative and invented its own unique language based onArabic as the material. This has made the language of the Qur’an as a specific “Divine Language“.

The outcome is; the “Qur’anic Arabic” and the “Classical Arabic” as two distinguishable languages. (“Classical Arabic” means the traditional or conventional Arabic). This is of crucial importance regarding the understanding of the Qur’an. That’s why the Qur’an itself emphasizes its Own Arabic Language; 

 قرانا عربیّا غیر ذی عوج لعلهم یتقون

الزمر – 28

The Arabic of this Qur’an is unambigious, direct, clear and explicit. Hopefully you hold onto the principles and disciplines (of this Arabic).

The groups – 28

The Arabic word « غیر ذی عوج »means;non-crookedness and non-deviation or non-devious. 

This show that this is a new and different “Arabic” in comparison with the “Traditional Arabic” which like most other derivative, man made languages are « عربیّا ذی عوج», i.e  the opposite to « غیر ذی عوج» as it is mentioned above.

و هذا لسان عربّی مبین

النحل – 103

And this is the Clarifying and Enlightening Arabic! 

The Bee – 103

Even here the verse indicates that there must exists a different Arabic which is « عربی غیر مبین » i.e non-clarifying and non-enlightening.

Otherwise, why did Muhammad mention this repeatedly and emphasize it to fellow Arabs. The divine teaching of « لعلهم یتقون » which asks us to hold onto the principles and disciplines regarding this Qur’anic language, is also a clear indication of this. 

This divine guidance tells us to keep these two Arabic languages distinguished,  separated and to not mix them. Yet, we, due to our  ignorance and human weakness, fail to hold onto these Rules. Once we do that, we will be guided in the right way;

 ذلک الکتاب لاریب فیه هدی للمتقین

البقره – 2

This is THAT Book which undoubtedly guides those who hold onto the principles and disciplines.

 The Caw – 2 

In a way, it is concerning THIS Arabic language, that the Qur’an ask us to think about;

 انا جعلناه قرانا عربیّا لعلکم تعقلون

الزخرف – 3 

We have changed it into an Arabic Qur’an in order to make you to think about it.

The Gold Adornment – 3

In conclusion, both the conventional and invented (artificial)Arabic, together have made the language of the Qur’an  A Unique Divine Language.

 The Formless Language


 One of most important characteristic of the Qur’anic Arabic is, the lack of pattern in comparison with all other languages. That makes the very language of the Qur’an formless.

This formlessness of the language provides the Qur’an huge potentiality for various interpretations. That’s why the prophet Muhammad said that in this material world everything will be old fashioned except the Qur’an! Or, in any circumstances, the Qur’an has something new to tell you! Why? Because of it’s formlessness.

Now this new and unique language of the divine; based on a human language with Arabic on one side, and our ignorance and habits on the other hand;  caused enormous misunderstandings and wrong-understandings of the Qur’an.

We failed to liberate ourselves from not only the pattern of the classical Arabic, but of any human language as well. That’s why we should NEVER understand the Qur’an by the pattern of any traditional and classical language; above all with Arabic with regards to it’s grammar and the meaning of its words.

However, the Qur’an has its own unique pattern which is still far from being easily known and understood, despite some progress having been made.

Now, in order to understand the Qur’an, there is only ONE way, and that is to return to the Qur’an thoroughly in searching for the real meaning of it’s Arabic words. At the same time, it is to refuse imposing any other meaning from outside onto the Qur’an. This is surrendering to the Qur’an or the way of being Muslim.  

We should not even turn to dictionary books in order to understand the Qur’an. Because the most reliable dictionary book in order to understand the Qur’an, is the Qur’an itself. Nor is there another reference book to the Qur’an than the Qur’an itself.

In our time, as it has always been, some fellow Muslims consider verses to reject Re-incarnation and support Resurrection. Ironically some other fellow Muslims consider exactly the same verses to show completely the opposite!!

And nobody dare say; “wait a minute, something is WRONG here! We just cannot go on with this circle forever! Which part understand the verses correctly and WHY?” 

This website is about to answer this question forever.

 The Quran


A Complex Living Organism of Words!

In my opinion, this is the biggest discovery in the history of Islam but also in the history of the religions and divine books in general. This discovery is hard to explain. But it can be understood best by experience. However, I will do my best to shed some light on it.

According to my opinion, the Qur’an is not a ” text ” but “The Texture“, or it is not a ” book ” but “The Book. This means, the Qur’an is a “literary unity” regardless of its contents.

And its “structural design of  literature” is essential . That makes the body of the Qur’an in which each “word” is as a “living cell” . In other words, the Qur’an should be considered a “living organic system of words“, a living Book, a new creature!

That makes the Qur’an a “Unique Masterwork” in the history of literature and art, in general.

With a “Living Book“, this means the Qur’an, due to its formless language and its complex texture of literature, both combine to always give new answers to new circumstances, and also has a completely independent existence in itself.


 The Meaning and the Role of Words


This means we have to find not only the meaning of the Qur’anic words, solely within the Qur’an as the body, but more important the ” Role ” of the words in the design and literary texture of  the Qur’an. Which is so far an unknown concept!

In a text, the meaning of the words are important. However, in a texture, not only the meaning of the words is important, but  the role of their very physical usage in the structural design of  literature, may also be crucial.  

We are neither allowed to perform a surgery on the body of the Qur’an by changing or replacing the physical words, nor to change or replace or impose the meaning of the words, except according to the rules and principles considered by the Qur’an itself.

Any transplantation in the form of words or ideas from outside influences to the Qur’an would prevent the “body of the Qur’an” to work properly. And the result may even lead to chaos in the meanings of the entire Qur’an. 

That’s why we do not have the right to make a presumption, nor to take any position on it at all. The only responsibility we have is to be a witness to the appearance of ideas in the Qur’an. 

After more than 1400 years after the birth of the Qur’an, we Muslims, in general, have not realized, nor recognized the Qur’an as a “Literary Machine System” or an “Independent Living Creature“. 

Realizing this fact, will revolutionize our understanding of the Qur’an which leads us to discover new realities.

 The Structural Interpretation of the Qur’an

 Based on this new discovery, an idea for a new kind of Interpretation has been born. The structural interpretation of the Qur’an.This new kind of Interpretation is actually the evolution of the current kind of Interpretation, which is Interpretation of the Qur’an through the Qur’an(or تفسیر القرآن بالقرآن).

However, in my opinion the structural design of  literature of the Qur’an needs some kind engineers or architects, rather than the traditional commentators, to be understood! 

In the upcoming parts, you will develop a deeper understanding of this extraordinary discovery and its new interpretation. The final proof of Re-incarnation in the Qur’an is based on this new unique interpretation. So please be patient!

Finally I would like to suggest the opening of an Independent Institute of Qur’anic Studies and Research.  

Think about this!


Re-incarnation in the Qur’an – 3


Part 3

Rejection of Re-incarnation by Reason 

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّ‌حْمَـٰنِ الرَّ‌حِيمِ 

بَلْ كَذَّبُوا بِمَا لَمْ يُحِيطُوا بِعِلْمِهِ وَلَمَّا يَأْتِهِمْ تَأْوِيلُهُ كَذَٰلِكَ كَذَّبَ الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِهِمْ
 یونس – 39

 Of course they denied it. Because they didn’t have comprehensive Knowledge about it. And the realization of it has not come to them yet. Similarly those before them, denied because of the same reasons.

 Yunus – 39
Some people insist that it is not sufficient to have an understanding of some verses of the Holy Qur’an such as the concept of Re-incarnation, without being able to rationalize it. In other words, before such as understanding of the Divine Book, we have first to prove that Re-incarnation is, at least, possible to Human Reason
In the history of the Muslim world, many Islamic philosophers and theologians disputed the idea of Re-incarnation based onHuman Reason. Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra were the two most famous amongst them. Let us first give a very short description of these two personalities, which I have selected from Wikipedia;
Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā (Persian پورسينا Pur-e Sina [ˈpuːre ˈsiːnɑː] “son of Sina”; c. 980, Afshana near Bukhara– 1037, Hamadan, Iran), commonly known as Ibn Sīnā or by his Latinized name Avicenna, was a Persian polymath, who wrote almost 450 treatises on a wide range of subjects, of which around 240 have survived. In particular, 150 of his surviving treatises concentrate on philosophy and 40 of them concentrate on medicine.

His most famous works are The Book of Healing, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopaedia, and The Canon of Medicine,which was a standard medical text at many medieval universities.The Canon of Medicine was used as a text-book in the universities of Montpellier and Leuven as late as 1650.Ibn Sīnā’s Canon of Medicine provides a complete system of medicine according to the principles of Galen (and Hippocrates). His corpus also includes writing on philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, geology, psychology, Islamic theology, logic, mathematics, physics, as well as poetry. He is regarded as the most famous and influential polymath of the Islamic Golden Age.

Ṣadr ad-Dīn Muḥammad Shīrāzī also called Mulla Sadrā (Persian: ملا صدرا; also spelt Molla Sadra, Mollasadra or Sadr-ol-Mote’allehin Persian: صدرالمتألهین;) (c. 1572–1640) was a Persian Shia Islamic philosopher, theologian and ‘Ālim who led the Iranian cultural renaissance in the 17th century. According to Oliver Leaman, Mulla Sadra is arguably the single most important and influential philosopher in the Muslim world in the last four hundred years.
According to these people, the very mechanism of Re-incarnation is impossible. In other words the question is; “how would the re-incarnation of a soul (after death) take place? Ibn Sīnā believed that once a certain human body has reached the stage of getting a soul, by the divine law of creation, a certain soul would be created to that particular body. Now, if another soul would re-incarnate, that means a certain body would have two souls and this is impossible.
Mulla Sadrā, on the other hand, disputed the view of Ibn Sina, regarding the creation of a separate soul for the body at the same time. According to Mulla Sadrā, the human soul and the human body, are the SAME from the beginning !
” The relation between the body and the soul, as supposed by most people, is not like a relation between a man and a place or his dress that can be taken off and dropped in time.
Thus, Mulla Sadra believes that soul evolves gradually in a  body; its relation to body is not the same as the relation between one thing and another, and soul and body are intertwined as a real unit. For example, the relation between soul and body is not like the relation between carpenter and saw, but it is like the relation between form and matter of a chair, which manifest themselves in one and the same existence. There is such a union, for example, between matter and form in a natural composition consisting of matter and form, and therefore it is impossible to retain one of them and to destroy the other. For, as it is known, the form of everything is its completeness and perfectness. The relation of each soul with its body is the same.”
In conclusion, regardless of Incarnation or Re-incarnation, there is no soul outside to enter the body. Rather, the soul will appear in the body, in the same way, as the “meaning” appears within a “word”. However, after the evolution of the soul, the soul will be independent of the body.
That means the very idea of Transformation of Soul doesn’t exist. Therefore, Re-incarnation is impossible.

 My answer

Regarding the view of Ibn Sina, it would mean that the “human being” is basically the “body” which needs a “soul” at a certain degree of its developing. In other words, the” soul” is created because of the “body”. So if there would be no “body”, there would be no “soul” either.
So two physical bodies, regardless of their different occupation in Time and Space, are completely two different human beings, in ALL conditions and circumstances.
On the other hand, it is not possible for a certain “body” to have more than one “soul”. So for every single “body”, Allah created a certain “soul”. But this means Man is the body! And this is a reasonable outcome of his understanding in general.
Is this, the Great Message of the Qur’an to Mankind?! If it is the case, then what was the view of those disbelievers (Kafereen الکافرین ) on this issue?! And why were they DIS-believers ?! However, if we look at it from the other side i.e the “soul”, and consider it as the basic definition of (the existence of) the “human being” which needs a certain “body” at a certain Time and Space, then the outcome will be completely the opposite. For the “body” will come and go. Whiles the “soul” will remain. 
This means the idea of Re-incarnation is, at least, possible. Because it is possible to an ever-existingsoul” to have several temporary bodies in different times and spaces.
In conclusion, Allah didn’t created a certain “soul” to a certain “body”. Rather, He created a certain “body” to a certain “soul” in a certain time and space.

 Unity of body and soul

The revolutionary creation of the idea belongs to Mulla Sadrā. The outcome of his theory is;

 As pointed out above, there is a special connection between body and soul, and this combination is a natural and unitary integration. They are inseparable in an essential and substantial movement. The soul and the body emerge from potentiality to actuality together, and that the degrees, powers and acts of the soul are at the same level with those of the body during the process of substantial movement.”

In such a case, Re-incarnation would means that the actual soul would return back to its original stage as a potential one. And this is impossible. Because this is opposite to the substantial movement of the soul which is the cause of its potentiality and evolution, and even its very existence.  

For instance, a seed by thesubstantial motion will develop and progress from potentiality to actuality which is a tree. In this stage, it is impossible for the tree ( the actual state) to return back to the seed (the potential state).
According to Mulla Sadra, this is exactly what the meaning of Re-incarnation is. Because the body and the soul at the beginning are ONE and the SAME. He says further that this is a reactionary movement which is opposite to the progressive movement of the entire universe.

 The Rules of Debate

But, regarding rejection of Re-incarnation, the way of his reasoning is unreasonable. Because you should always hold onto the basic rule and principle of a scientific debate.
The theory of Mulla Sadrā, may include the rejection of Re-incarnation, however, it is not intended to be a specific rejection of Re-incarnation. In order to do that, he would have the same  presumption as the believers of Re-incarnation in order to have a common background. Otherwise, they would never meet each other.
In other words, with such a position that body and soul are ONE, Mulla Sadra, already ended the debate before it could be started! Therefore, there is NOTHING left to discuss! And this is against Human Reason!

Besides, Re-incarnation doesn’t mean “returning back“, but “Returning“. The tree will return to its previous state. But it will not return back to its original seed which is the potential state. Rather the tree will cause its NEW seed which is actually the final part of its actuality. And all the attributes of the tree, as its soul, will appear in that new seed.  This is actually the Rotation or Circulation which Mulla Sadra believes to be the only movement in the universe. If Mulla Sadra’s description of the reality would be correct, then Re-incarnation would means the returning of the soul to its previous semen (or body)! Whereas according to the idea of Re-incarnation, the soul will “Return to the Earthly Life” through a “new body” which is a product of the actuality of the soul. This is called Karma However, it is Resurrection which means thereturning back“. I will show this in the Qur’an, in the near future.  In a way, Mulla Sadra is right, based on his own presumption, accordingly the body and the soul are ONE. That’s why it is crucial to have a debate based on the same presumption and common background, in order for a debate to take place. By the way, what is the law of this Material World compared to the law of Spirit World? The law of this Material World has nothing to do with the law of Spirit World. And we just don’t know how the Unknown World works! That’s it. Many others opposed Mulla Sadra because according to his doctrine not only Re-incarnation is impossible, but also Resurrection would be impossible. And in my view, even the spiritual evolution of human beings would be impossible.    


  Human Reason or Mind?

My intention, here, is not to discuss about their theories. My point is to dispute their claiming that not only Human Reason should go side by side the Divine Book, but rather goes before it!
It must be said, here, that this is about divine beliefs and faiths. Of course, I believe in Human Reason which according to Islam is one of the greatest Messengers of Allah, provided that it is REAL Human Reason, not a false prophet!
The real Human Reason is, as the Divine Book. However, what they call Human Reason, is actually the imagination of the Human Mind which is against the Pure Human Reason!! 
That’s why they are disputing in most cases with each other. Because of different people, Minds are many. However, the Human Reason is ONE. The REAL  Human Reason isthe Heart

 لهم القلوب یعقلون بها

الحج – 46

They have such a Heart that they think wisely by it !

The Pilgrimage – 46  
فهم قلوبهم لایفقهون بها

الاعراف – 179

So they have such a Heart that they cannot understand by it !

Those Known – 179 They say; “the idea of Re-incarnation is against the Human Reason“. And they are right! However, the Human Reason is not against it! 
The difference, is due to their considering of a FALSE Re-incarnation which is, of course, against the Human Reason. But because of the Human Reason is pure, it would never be against the TRUE Re-incarnation.
Human beings perception and knowledge are a mixture of realities and unrealities. It is no doubt that most of our perceptions and knowledge are nothing but our imagination and ignorance. We don’t encompass everything in our knowledge of the Universe and Life. Then how can others’ theories, perception and imagination be accepted by the Human Reason as the “Knowledge” and accordingly judge what is the Truth and what is the Untruth?! This itself, is against Human Reason.        

 قل هل من شرکائکم من یبدأ الخلق ثم یعیده قل الله یبدأ الخلق ثم یعیده فانی تؤفکون قل هل من شرکائکم من یهدی الی الحق قل الله یهدی للحق افمن یهدی الی الحق احق ان یتبع امن لایهدی الا ان یُهدی فما لکم کیف تحکمون و ما یتبع اکثرهم الا ظنّا ان الظنّ لایغنی من الحق شیئا ان الله علیم بما یفعلون و ما کان هذا القران ان یفتری من دون الله

یونس – 34 الی 37

 Ask them; “who, among your companions (the false gods), can begin the creation and later on return it?” Answer; ” it is Allah Who begins the creation and later afterwards returns it”. Then why are you taking it the wrong way?!

 Ask them now;”who, among your companions (the false gods), can guide one to the Truth”? Answer;” it is Allah Who guides to the Truth”. 
 So shouldn’t you follow the One Who guides to the Truth, rather than the one who not only doesn’t guide to the Truth, but he himself must be guided?
 Then what is wrong with you?! Look, how do you argue and judge?!
 The majority of them just follow their own imagination. Whiles the imagination will not enrich you without needing the Truth at all.
 Surely Allah knows exactly what you are doing. And this Qur’an is, in no way, something which will teach you the lies of the others.
 Yunus – 34 to 37   

So concerning the Beliefs and the Faiths, we must ONLY listen to and follow the Divine Guidance; for example, the Holy Qur’an, the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and also the True Human Reason (the Heart !).


و تومنون بالکتاب کلّه

آل عمران – 119

 And those who believe in ALL divine books.
 The Family of Imran- 119

Thus, the Human Reason cannot accept that we judge a concept surrounding a belief or an idea which belongs to The UnKnown World, like the concept of Re-incarnation.

We cannot even encompass the Known World which is the Material Nature. Then how can we trust our dark Mind?! Such a trust is opposite to Human Reason and the Divine Books.
 کذلک یبیّن الله لکم الایاته لعلکم تعقلون

البقره – 242

In such a way, Allah enlightens you His Signs in order to make you to think wisely.
 The Caw – 242
 امن یبدأ الخلق ثم یعیده و من یرزقکم من السماء و الارض اله مع الله قل هاتوا برهانکم ان کنتم صادقین قل لایعلم من فی السموات و الارض الغیب الا الله و ما یشعرون ایان یبعثون بل ادراک علمهم فی الاخره بل هم فی شک منها بل هم منها عمون و قال الذین کفروا أ إذا کنا ترابا و آباؤنا ائنا لمخرجون لقد وعدنا هذا نحن و آباؤنا من قبل إن هذا الا اساطیر الاولین
النمل – 64 الی 68
Is there any other god than He Who beings the creation and later returns it and the One Who supplies you from the Heaven and the Earth? Tell them; ” if you are honest, then bring your logical reasoning“.
 Tell them; Nobody, neither in the Heavens nor on the Earth knows about the Unknown but Allah. And they don’t know when they will be raised up again.
 Of course, there is nothing left of their knowledge. Of course, they are in doubt about it. Of course, they are blind to it.
 And the disbelievers asked;”once we and our fathers are turned to dust (after death), are we going to turn up again?! In fact, we and our ancestors have been promised of his idea before. Indeed this is nothing but of Ancient Myths and Legends”.

The Ants – 64 to 68

 HOW or WHO?

The other point is why would it be for us (believers of the Qur’an) that important to know HOW re-birth can be possible and take place, in order to believe in it at all? 
Is this the way of having faith, according to the Qur’an and Islam, in general? Or as I explained, in the part one, we have to have TRUST in the divine messages and teachings?
Because the same case would also concern the idea of Resurrection. Did you believe in that because you first got to know HOW it will take place according to human logic and knowledge? Of course NOT! Did the early believers ask the prophet for explaining HOW such a thing would be possible before they would make a dictum to believe it? Of course NOT!
However, those disbelievers, THEY did that !! Yet, not in order to believe, but to discredit Muhammad (peace be upon him)!! And this has always been their way of refusing, in history;

بل قالوا مثل ما قال الاولون قالوا ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا و عظاما ء انا لمبعوثون لقد وعدنا نحن و اباؤنا هذا من قبل ان هذا الا اساطیر الاولین

 المومنون – 81 الی 83

They asked questions like what the first ancient people asked; “once we are dead and turned to dust and stones we will rise up again?! In fact, we and our ancestors have been promised of this idea before. Indeed, this is nothing but of Ancient Myths and Legends”.

 The Believers- 81 to 83 That’s why we never see such a single verse from those believers. This itself is an “Ayah” i.e a message! Interesting enough those disbelievers never asked “HOW” but “WHO” !

 قال من یحی العظام و هی رمیم قل یحییها الذی انشاها اول مره

یس – 78 الی 79
 (The disbeliever) asked; “WHO will bring life to the bones while they are scattered like ash”? Answer; the One WHO created that at the first time, will bring life to them again.
Yasin – 78 – 79
و قالوا ء اذا کنا عظاما و رفاتا ء انا لمبعوثون خلقا جدیدافسیقولون من یعیدنا قل الذی فطرکم اول مره

الاسراء – 49 , 51

And they asked; will we be raised up again in a new creation (body), once we are bones or nothing left?!…then they will ask; but WHO will return us? Answer; the One WHO created that at the first time. 
 The Mystical Journey in the Night – 49 to 51  

 قالوا یا ویلنا من بعثنا من مرقدنا

یس- 52  

They said (!); O, WHO raised us up from our beds? 

Yasin – 52

The truth is that knowing the mechanism of Re-incarnation and HOW we will be re-born doesn’t help us in our spiritual journey. That’s why God never explain HOW our “Returning” or “Maad” will take place. However, it is the basic spiritual knowledge to know “WHY” we will return;

 الیه مرجعکم جمیعا وعد الله حقا انه یبد الخلق ثم یعیده لیجزی

یونس – 4

Everybody on your journey is towards Him. This is a promise of Allah which will come to true. Indeed, He begins the creation and afterwardsreturn it, in order to reward (your actions).
Yunus – 10

و ان لیس للانسان الا ما سعی و ان سعیه سوف یری ثم یجزیه الجزاء الاوفی و ان الی ربک المنتهی

النجم – 39 الی 42

Indeed, nothing belongs to the human being but his/her own actions. And indeed s/he will face his/her actions soon and gradually his/her reward will be completed, and indeed towards your Lord will be the Final Destination.



Surprising enough, once the disbelievers got to know that it is the One WHO created them at the FIRST time, WHO will create them again and return them again, they got SILENCED. This should be the second “Ayah” (Message), regarding this matter! A message for us, is if we are not ready to learn from our fellow believers at the time of the prophet, we should, at least, learn from those disbelievers!

Think about this ! 


Re-incarnation in the Qur’an – 2


بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحیم

What is the Qur’an ?


Part 2


وَ قَالَ الرَّ‌سُولُ يَا رَ‌بِّ إِنَّ قَوْمِي اتَّخَذُوا هَـٰذَا الْقُرْ‌آنَ مَهْجُورً‌ا

الفرقان – 30

And the Messenger said; O, Lord ! Indeed my people have abandoned this Qur’an.

The Criteria – 30

Maybe the strongest reason that most of our fellow Muslims reject the concept of Re-incarnation is the claim that the belief of “Re-birth” is not mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. And, because we Muslims must learn the teachings of the Qur’an and follow ONLY what it says, thus it justifies that there is no reason to believe in an idea which is NOT part of the teachings of the Qur’an. In other words, why should we say something which the Holy Qur’an has never said?

Besides, the Holy Qur’an has come with a belief which is an alternative to the idea of Re-incarnation; ie. the Resurrection.

This kind of rationalization is due to their unconsciousness about what kind of a book is the Qur’an .

 The second part of this discussion will thus address this important issue.



Let us begin with a contradiction in the statements given above. If the Qur’an didn’t mention “Re-birth” at all, and we must only follow the teachings of the Qur’an , then how can we reject something which is not mentioned as they claim?! Is the rejection of Re-birth part of the teachings of the Qur’an?

 By the way , where did such a rule or principle come from? Is such an attitude an Islamic one? Is this also part of the teachings of the Qur’an or the Pure Tradition of Muhammad? Why should we follow a rule, principle or an attitude which is neither MENTIONED in the Qur’an nor in the Pure Tradition of the Prophet ?! 

 Shouldn’t we believe and follow ONLY those statements which are MENTIONED, according to their own words?! 

Thus, the characteristic of a WRONG-UNDERSTANDING is nothing but one of CONTRADICTIONS. 

Besides, this is actually opposite to the teachings of the Qur’an. Listen;

و لقد ارسلنا رسلا من قبلک منهم من قصصنا علیک و منهم من لم نقصص علیک و ما کان لرسول ان یاتی بایه الا باذن الله

غافر – 78

And indeed We have sent Messengers before you. Some of them we have mentioned to you and the others we haven’t mentioned to you. And a Messenger will not bring an information (sign) without the permission of Allah.

The Forgiver/The Believer – 78

Does this mean that we should not believe in those Messengers because the Qur’an didn’t mention the stories of them ?! Is this a legitimate reason to reject those Messengers , just because we didn’t learn to know them in the Qur’an ? Isn’t it part of the Unknown World which the Qur’an repeatedly commands us to believe in as the criteria for our pure faith ?

 تلک من انباء الغیب نوحیها الیک ما کنت تعلمها انت و لا قومک من قبل هذا فاصبر ان العاقبه للمتقین

هود – 49

This is one excerpt of information from the Unknown World by Revelation. Neither you nor your people did know about it before. So be patient. Surely the Future belongs to those who hol
d on to the spiritual self-disciplinefirmly.

Hood – 49

That means there were other people who already knew about other divine masters, teachings and Realities.

ذلک الکتاب لا ریب فیه هدی للمتقین الذین یومنون بالغیب
البقره – 2 , 3

This Book within is undoubtedly a Guidance to those who hold on to spiritual self-discipline. These arepeople who believe in the Unknown World.

The Caw – 2 to 3

According to this verse, the people of Muttaqin are those who hold on to Spiritual Self-Discipline at the highest level of spiritual development. Because, they believe and have faith in the Unknown World. Thus, by not being mentioned specifically, in detail or extensively in the Qur’an, this does not imply that some of those unknown realities do not, in fact, exist.

 Or, they might say, if Allah mentioned Re-incarnation in His other Books, then He would also mention it in the Qur’an. But neither do they believein those other books, or at least, the concept of Re-incarnation in them. If they would do so, then they would change their understanding of the relevant verses in the Qur’an. However they reject ALL of them.

فلما جاءهم الحق من عندنا قالوا لولا اوتی مثل ما اوتی موسی اولم یکفروا بما اوتی موسی من قبل قالوا سحران تظاهرا و قالوا انا بکل کافرون
القصص – 48

 When from Us the Truth came to them , they said;” How come it didn’t bring to us those teachings like it is brought to Moses”? But, didn’t they, the disbelievers, even reject previously what was brought to Moses?! And they said; ” These are black magicians (ie. Moses & Muhammad) which support each other, and we are rejecting ALL of them”.

The Stories – 48

This verse show that even if some ideas are not mentioned in the Qur’an, it doesn’t mean that we should not believe in them. So it is, not only possible for the true Muslims to believe in those things which are NOT MENTIONED in the Qur’an, but in many cases we MUST believe in them as TRUE believers.

 Thus, the idea that says; ” because Re-incarnation is not mentioned in the Qur’an, therefore, it is a false idea “, is itself a false idea! 

The Right Way of Reading

How do they know that the belief of Re-birth isn’t mentioned in the Qur’an? For some other Muslims from the early history of Islam, the belief of Re-incarnation was mentioned in the Qur’an.

That means even the very claiming that the belief of Re-birth doesn’t exist in the Qur’an, depends on whether you are a believer or a dis-believer.

So, it is about how to read the Qur’an;


الذین ءاتیناهم الکتاب یتلونه حق تلاوه

البقره – 121

 Those who have been given the Book, will read it in a right way.

The Caw – 121

As I showed in part 1, according to the teachings of the Qur’an, once we have faith in a belief, we will be guided to the right path. Once we believe in Re-incarnation, then we will be guided to read the Qur’an in the right way which guides us to the clear and repeated mentioning of Re-incarnation in the Qur’an.

However, the most important thing is, we don’t know the Language of the Qur’an. We usually consider this Book of Allah as an Arabic text and we read it with a common human language. Because this is our secondary nature, which we inherited and learned. So we read the Qur’an with WRONG LANGUAGE.

That’s why – at least – most people don’t understand the Qur’an. For example, the brave ayatollah Khomeini said; ” my life is ending but I have never understood the Qur’an“. He’s right, but WHY ? Because we never can understand a book by wrong-reading which is due to wrong-language.


Also, how can Resurrection be an alternative belief to the idea of Re-incarnation , without rejecting it clearly ? For it might be understood that there are two different alternative ways of the Qur’anic concept of Returning (Maad معاد) in Islam. This is actually the reasonable

So, it’s not enough to consider a new idea like Resurrection. It is also necessary that a clear rejection of Re-incarnation be MENTIONED in the Qur’an. 

 That’s why according to a traditional Islamic principle; “if a belief or idea is not rejected clearly , by the Quran , then one is allowed to believe in that belief or idea“.

 Then main problem which I mentioned earlier is , most of us Muslims either didn’t understand what kind of the book is a Qur’an or have forgotten it. Then, let’s clarify this crucial issue right here;

The Unique Status of the Quran

The Qur’an itself describes its attributes, in order to teach us what kind of a book it is. I have chosen here those most important description of the Qur’an by itself;

1. The Best and Most convincing way of Guidance.

ان هذا القران یهدی الذی هی اقوم

الاسراء – 9

Surely this Qur’an will guide you in a manner which is the best and Most convincing.

The Mystical Journey in the Night – 9

2- The “Doubt Removing” Guidance

ذلک الکتاب لاریب فیه هدی للمتقین

البقره – 2

There is no doubt that this Book is the Guidance for those who hold on to spiritual self-discipline.

The Caw – 2

3- Criterion for the Truth.

 الله الذی انزل الکتاب بالحق و المیزان 

الشوری – 17

 Allah is Who has sent The Book of Truth and Criteria.

The Consultations – 17


4- Distinguishing  the Truth from the Untruth, and

5- Warning the whole mankind of Falsehood and Untruth.

تبارک الذی نزل الفرقان علی عبده لیکون للعالمین نذیرا

الفرقان – 1

The Glory is to Him Who has sent the Criteria to His servant (Muhammad) as a warning to the worlds.

The Criteria – 1 

6- Fair or Just Judgement

انا انزلنا الیک الکتاب بالحق لتحکم

النساء – 105 

We have sent down to you, based on the Truth, for Judgement.  

The Women – 105

7- CompletedBook 

Which means it MUST bring up and mention any issue which might be necessary to guide and help the whole of mankind.

و لقد صرفنا للناس فی هذا القران من کل مثل

الاسراء – 89

 And We have brought up and explained in this Qur’an issues of every subject. 

The Mystical Journey in the Night – 89

8- Enlightenment of everything 

و نزلنا علیک الکتاب تبیانا لکل شئی و هدی

النحل – 89

 And We have sent to you a Book which explains and enlightens EVERYTHING in order to guide you.

The Bee – 89

9-Unchangable words


و تمت کلمت ربک صدقا وعدلا لامبدل لکلمته 

الانعام – 115

 And the Words of your Lord are completed as a true promise. And they are unchangeable.

The Blessings – 115

10- Non difficulty and Non confusion; it should not cause any difficulty or confusion in searching and understanding the truths.

 11- Purifying; it should not only liberate us from any doubt, but even cleanse us from any impurity which we probably have in our minds.

We can find these two attributes in the verse below;

ما یرید الله لیجعل علیکم من حرج و لکن یرید لیطهرکم و لیتم نعمته علیکم لعلکم تشکرون

المائده – 6

 Allah doesn’t want to cause you troubles and difficulties. However, He wants to purify you. That’s why He has completed His blessings in order for you to become grateful.

The Table spread with foods – 6

Unfortunately, we have forgotten this Unique Status of the Qur’an. This Age is The Time of Returning to the Quran and its Unique Status.  


If we acknowledge the status of the Qur’an as Criteria (المیزان), which distinguishes (الفرقان) the Truth from Untruth, in order to guide the whole humanity in the best and most convincing way, without any doubt, confusion or difficulties, then the Qur’an should not only mention a false belief like Re-incarnation, but also reject it in the best and most clear way without needing any interpretation at all.

 Otherwise, it would be opposite to the ALL beautiful attributes of the Qur’an. In such a case, the Qur’an is NOT a legitimate authority for being a Guide Book for us all, and we have to turn to other books!

Also, the Qur’an describes itself as The Best Guidance Book for the WHOLE mankind. Amongst them, millions of Hindus and Buddhists.

If the Qur’an didn’t mention the concept of Re-incarnation at all and, more important, never rejected it openly, firmly and clearly, the responsibility of a false belief for millions of people would be on the Qur’an!

This is the reasonable outcome of such a Book which describes itself as Fair Judgement for the WHOLE of humanity. The verse below explains the reason of sending the Qur’an in another way;


افغیر الله ابتغی حکما و هو الذی انزل الیکم الکتاب مفصلا و الذین اتیناهم الکتاب یعلمون انه منزل من ربک بالحق فلاتکونن من الممترین و تمت کلمت ربک صدقا وعدلا لامبدل لکلمته و هو السمیع العلیم

الانعام – 115

Do you seek other than – the words of – Allah (in the Qur’an) for judgement?! Despite He is Who has sent down to you all, a Comprehensive Book. And those to whom We gave the books, they know that this Book is sent down from your Lord, based on the Truth, in a way in which you will be without doubt. Thus,the words of your Lord have been completed as He truely promised. These words are unchangeable and He Hears and Knows best. 

The Blessings – 115

Another attribute of the Qur’an is to ward off any kind of ACCUSATION, ie. including the concept of Re-incarnation.

The Hindus and Buddhists would say; “If  you are right that Re-incarnation is a false belief, please bring YOUR Divine Book which guides us better, in this issue, than OUR books“. 

 قل فاتوا بکتاب من عند الله هو اهدی منها اتبعه ان کنتم صادقین

القصص – 28 

Speak! if you are honest, then bring us another book of Allah which guides us better than the others! 

The Stories – 28

Or, Hindus and Buddhistswould come with an argument and EXCUSE that if we had yet another good guide book like your Holy book (the Qur’an), then we could be guided by it in the right way as well; 

و هذا کتاب انزلناه مبارک فاتبعوه و اتقوا لعلکم ترحمون ان تقولوا انما انزل الکتاب علی طائفتین من قبلنا و ان کنا عن دراسهم لغافلین او تقولوا لو انا انزل علینا الکتاب لکنا اهدی منهم فقد جائکم بینه من ربکم و هدی و رحمه فمن اظلم ممن کذب بآیات الله و صدف عنها

الانعام – 155 الی 157

And He has sent this Book as a blessing. Then follow this and hold on to spiritual self-discipline in order to be blessed by His Grace. Otherwise you would come with an excuse and say; “if a Book would be sent to us, then we would be the best guided people among them!” 

However, indeed Enlightenment, Guidance and Grace from your Lord has already come to you! Who is the most unjust than the one who denies the Signs of Allah and turns away from them?

The Blessings – 155 to 157

However, the Qur’an would make Hindus and Buddhists disappointed. Because it has neither mentioned the concept of Re-incarnation nor rejected it as a false belief. Despite it would be a  Comprehensive and the Ultimate Book of God!

In fact, those of my fellow Muslims, are lowering the status of the Qur’an to the lowest standard of a man-made book without noticing it! However, NOT even a man-made book can responsibly guide people, in a proper and right way, by merely choosing not to address a false idea or belief and disregard it without due consideration.

Millions of Hindus and Buddhists would tell us;Re-incarnation is neither rejected in OUR divine books nor in YOUR divine book. Then for Gods sake how should we know and be guided; that this is a false belief in the sight of God ?!

Ironically, this means that their books of those who reject Re-incarnation as a false belief would guide humanity BETTER to the Truth than ALL Books of Allah!!

فویل للذین یکتبون الکتاب بایدیهم ثم یقولون هذا من عند الله لیشتروا به ثمنا قلیلا

البقره – 79

 It is a serious responsibility of those who are writing their OWN books and then say ; “this is from Allah”!  In this way, they are lowering the value of His words and sell them  cheaply.

The Caw – 79

If the Qur’an is the final guide book for all humanity, it MUST clearly state and literally reject the idea or belief in Re-incarnation or Re-birth in the Qur’an, in order to even guide Hindus and Buddhists, and purify them from false notions.

The rejected subject, in the Qur’an, MUST be in direct words and clarifying language without any doubt. In other words, without needing any human interpretation of the Qur’an.

The difference between the two points of view; “there is no mention of an idea or a belief”, and, “there is no rejection or denial of it” in the Qur’an is; the first statement doesn’t imply that the concept of a belief is wrong, whilst the latter, means that the concept has been mentioned and rejected as a wrong or false belief. 

That’s why it is a crucial principle that the Qur’an as , at least , one of the world’s most reliable Divine Books which is supposed to guide the whole mankind from Darkness to Light would mention the wrong belief clearly and reject it decisively.

Answer to a question

Does it mean that the Qur’an as Criteria (المیزان), which Distinguishes (الفرقان) the Truth from Untruth, would bring up ALL the ideas of Mankind in order to discuss and finally judge them?!

The answer is; of course NOT! The Qur’an may has brought up few minor false ideas which were relevant and current in its own environment of advent. However it doesn’t mean that the Qur’an would bring up ALL minor and major issues and ideas in the world. 

The Qur’an has brought up and mentioned ALL those basic elements , subjects and also those controversial topics which are crucial for the spiritual life of human beings, higher consciousness and UNITY (Tawhid).

That’s why the Qur’an says; 

و لقد صرفنا للناس فی هذا القران من کل مثل

الاسراء – 89

 And We have brought up and explained in this Qur’an issues of every subject. 

The Mystical Journey  in the Night- 89

That means the Qur’an has selected issues from every subject which was necessary to mention for clarifying. Otherwise the Qur’an would express it in this way; ( فی هذا القران کل مثل ) without « من » !

New minor ideas regardless of their truth or falsity are still coming and going! The very “idea” that the Qur’an would bring up exactly every single idea of Mankind, itself is a FALSE idea!

The ideas of Karma and Re-incarnation are old and ancient religious or spirituality ideas which generally have always been the basic and among the most important faiths in the history of Mankind. Millions or billions of humanity on the earth have always believed in them.

According to most Muslim historians and Islamic thinkers and researchers, the belief of Re-incarnation, even was widespread in the society of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

We should not forget that Middle East, Iran and India as three neighboring Lands of Divinity and the main area of Divine Teachings on the earth for the whole Mankind.

Despite this reality, no divine book has ever reject this belief, at least, literally and without any doubt! That’s why the Ultimate Divine Book of Qur’an WOULD deal with this issue in order to clarify it once for ever.

Halal and Haram beliefs

Allah has described in the Qur’an, what is Halal (Allowed) and what is Haram (Forbidden). Nobody is allowed to change it;

و یحل لهم الطیبات و یحرم الخبائث 

الاعراف – 157

And he allows you all Those Pures Things and forbids all Those Impure.

Those Known – 157

Everything which is Pure and Beautiful is Halal (Allowed) and everything which is Impure  and Ugly is Haram (Forbidden). This includes the beliefs and faiths. This is the Universal Principle of the Qur’an.

One of them is to forbid the Returning of dead people, back to the life of this earthy world;

و حرام علی قریه اهلکنا انهم لا یرجعون 

الانبیاء – 95

And it is forbidden to those whom We destroyed (as a punishment of Allah), to return.

The Prophets – 95

The use of the word Haram, means it is against Divine Laws which are expressed in the form of the Laws of Nature, as His Kingdom. (By Nature it means both the material and immaterial and spiritual worlds).

Based on that Divine Principle and the Laws of Nature, other verses clearly reject the Returning of dead people, back to life. Plus, the Qur’an explains the reason for this, and even considers the alternative destiny of dead people.

حتی  اذا جاء احدهم  الموت قال رب ارجعون لعلی اعمل صالحا فیما ترک کلا انها کلمه هو قائلها و من ورائهم برزخ الی یوم یبعثون 

المومنون – 99 , 100

Once the time of death arrived, he said;”O, Lord send me back in order to do those good actions which I ignored”. No! Absolutely not! This is only what YOU believe. And before them, there the Hinder, the Intermediate World, until they will be raised up.

The believers – 99 to 100

Besides these two verses are supported and even completed by other verses. However, if we find a verse which in our view seems to contradict them, for instance, as an exception, then we have to immediately return to the Quranic Principles to confirm it. Provided that we have reviewed ALL the Qur’anic Principles very carefully and tested them in a proper way, then we can come to a conclusion. This is the ONLY way to get any confirmation and discover a new truth in the Qur’an. All other means are invalid and Unacceptable. 

 (Many believes, the mentioned verses above should be considered as a clear rejection of the belief of Re-incarnation by considering the idea of Resurrection in the Qur’an. However, I will prove the opposite in the near future and show that these verses are actually among the strongest verses which support the concept of Re-incarnation and reject the belief of Resurrection!)

So nobody can make something Halal or Haram which Allah  has never made reference to in His Guidance Book.

و لاتقولوا لما تصف السنتکم الکذب هذا حلال و هذا حرام لتفتروا علی الله الکذب

النحل – 116

Don’t explain by your language lies; “this is Allowed and that is Forbidden”. In order to put a lie on (create a lie about) Allah.

The Bee – 116

The Red Line of the Quran

There is a significant difference to distinguish Haram and Halal. According to an important principle, the Haram, must have been expressed clearly and firmly. Otherwise it considered to be Halal.  According to the Islamic Principle, based on the Qur’an, this is because;

 EVERYTHING (including belief and faith) IS HALAL (Allowed) unless it is clearly and literally proclaimed as Haram (Forbidden).

This means we have to access a very strong and reliable means for rejecting a belief and faith. In the lack of such  Qur’anic evidence we have to act according to another principle which says;

 In the worse cases we have to be silent and strictly avoid  any rejection and denial. And pray to be guided by Allah! 

 Because according this principle, rejection or denial, is a very sensitive and important decision and it demands a sufficiently high enough qualifications to do so. We have to be very careful because it ‘s about the freedom of human rights which is one of the basic blessing of Allah to humanity. Plus, it would be a very high risk to reject and deny the Truth and fall down to the Kufr (الکفر) or Disbelief which is Anti-Islamic. But, also leads other people into the Hell of Ignorance.

 That’s why Rejection and Denial is The Red Line in the Qur’an and Islam.
However, somebody may say that any new belief (for instance, Resurrection) in the Qur’an which is obviously in conflict with another belief (Re-incarnation), is enough to be judged as a rejection and denial of such a belief like Re-incarnation by the Qur’an. 

 This might be true, in some cases, regarding man-made books. But absolutely not in the case of the Qur’an, because of its Unique Status as The Ultimate Judgement.

That means even the new belief must distinguish literally and clearly between the Truth and Untruth without any need of interpretation. Such a new belief should have sounded like: “O mankind you will live on the Earth only once“! PLUS, it should not be in conflict and contradiction with other verses and beliefs in the Qur’an. 

Simply, the belief of some early Islamic branches in Re-birth is an example of, at least, its ambiguity.

Denial of Re-birth in Divine Books

 How can it be explained why not even the Final and Ultimate Messenger, Muhammad, rejected and denied directly the belief of Re-birth once and forever?! Despite the belief that Re-birth was a worldwide one in the time of Muhammad, even in Arabia, according to some Muslim historians! 

Interesting enough, not even other Divine Books of the Middle East, i.e the Torah or Bible, rejected and denied the re-birth of human beings either! Why’s that?! How can we explain it in a satisfying way? How can we reject and deny a belief which NONE OF THEM have ever done it before?!

On the other hand, religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism and their Divinely Revealed Books teach the belief of Re-birth.

Now, putting all those divine religions together will only lead  to one outcome; at least, the genuine possibility of Re-incarnation!

Because, the concept of Re-incarnation had first been heard and received in India. Then after that, three other Divine Books received in the Middle East NEVER questioned and refused that voice !

Today, at least one third of population on the earth believe in Re-birth as part of their religious belief. But there has never has been a clear Divine Guidance to help these oceans of peoples by telling them you’re WRONG! There is no RE-BIRTH!

Muslim Racism?

 You may say that the faiths of Hinduism and Buddhism were originally from Allah, however by the time passed, parts of their Holy books have got corrupted by Man.

This is up to you to prove it scientifically. But above all, by bringing undoubtedly evidence from the Ultimate Judgement Book i.e. the Holy Qur’an.

If Re-birth was an idea of the corrupted part of Hinduism and Buddhism according to you, then, that would be a controversial topic within them in, at least, many centuries. But how come, in thousands years, not even one single believer of millions of Hindus and Buddhists, ever questioned the idea of Re-incarnation as a true divine belief ?! This is just IMPOSSIBLE.

Controversial topics have always taken place in the history of Islam. One the hottest debates has actually been whether to believe in Resurrection or Re-incarnation. The Muslim theologians and philosophers were divided in this issue.

Now, how come WE Muslims who are outside the faiths of Hinduism and Buddhism, know better about something of these faiths which NOBODY of their own theologians and philosophers would ever know, just because they ARE Hindus and Buddhists? Doesn’t sound it as a kind of racial attitude?!

 انما المومنون اخوه فاصلحوا بین اخوانکم و اتقوالله لعلکم ترحمون یا ایها الذین آمنوا لایسخر قوم من قوم عسی ان یکون خیرا منهم

الحجرات – 11  

 ALL believers are brothers and sisters. So you have to make peace between yourselves and hold on to divinely spiritual self-discipline in order to be blessed by Allah.

 O, you believers of all peoples, don’t humiliate each other to show some of you are better than the others.

The Dwellings – 11 

By the way, as the religion of Moses had been corrupted, God sent Isa (Jesus) and when even the religion of Isa had met the same destiny, God sent Muhammad. Similarly if the concept of Re-incarnation shows that, even the religions of India have been corrupted, then it is on Allah to send new books to guide the followers of those religions. This is a reasonable demand.

Remember that the Qur’an emphasizes that the Messages of Allah would be sent to every people by means of their OWN people, language and culture and even their time;

لقد من الله علی المومنین اذ بعث فیهم رسولا من انفسهم یتلوا علیهم آیاته و یزکیهم و یعلمهم الکتاب و الحکمه

آل عمران – 164

Indeed it was a great blessing of Allah to the all believers that He has chosen Messengers from themselves in order to read for them His verses and purify them and teach them the Book and Wisdom.

The family of Imran – 164


و لقد بعثنا من کل امه رسولا

النحل – 36  

And surely We have sent a Messenger to EVERY society in ALL times.

The Bee – 36

Notice that the word « امّه » in the Qur’an means both “Society” and “Time“;

و لئن اخرنا عنهم العذاب الی امه معدوده

هود – 8

And if We defer their suffering for a period of time…

Hood – 8

و ما ارسلنا من رسول الا بلسان قومه لیبین لهم

ابراهیم – 4

And We have never sent a Messenger but, with the language of his own people in order to enlighten them.

Abraham – 4 

Re-birth; Invention or Revelation?

Luckily and thanks to Allah, the vast majority of Muslims consider Hinduism and Buddhism and their Holy books, at least originally, as divinely, based on the Qur’an which reveals that Allah has sent Masters , Messengers and Books in every culture and civilization. This Qur’anic fact is well known by ALL Muslims.

However, there may be some Muslims who question whether Hinduism and Buddhism, and their Holy books, are also from Allah’s Grace and Guidance.

It is up to these Muslims to prove it, ONLY based on the Qur’an as Criteria (المیزان) which Distinguishes (الفرقان) the Truth from the Untruth, i.e the Ultimate Judgement.

As long as they cannot do it, according ONLY to the Principles of Islam, they should consider Hinduism and Buddhism and their Holy books, as the Holy Guidance from Allah.

Re-birth as a man-made idea?!

But is it possible to Man, to create an idea such as Re-birth ?! How? This is scientifically impossible. Simply because it belongs to The Unknown World :  عالم الغیب

 It is not the ordinary people who manufactured the idea of Re-birth. It is, however, the ordinary people who may deny it!
 How can ordinary people make an idea like Re-birth easily, but it is difficult for Allah and His Messengers to reject that idea directly and clearly ?!

In fact, it would be impossible to come to such an idea like Re-birth without Divine Revelation.  

The scientists or atheists amongst you might disagree. But, the final conclusion to this discussion, is that we may not be able to prove or disprove Re-incarnation scientifically, but if we reject it, we deny our own possibility for Divine Revelation and Enlightenment on the Truth!

However, it is necessary for us Muslims to review the Qur’an on this issue with an open mind to allow Allah to reveal to us directly and personally more light and insight on this topic. 

Think about this !


Re-incarnation in the Qur’an – 1



بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّ‌حْمَـٰنِ الرَّ‌حِيمِ

قُلْ أُوحِيَ إِلَيَّ أَنَّهُ اسْتَمَعَ نَفَرٌ‌ مِّنَ الْجِنِّ فَقَالُوا إِنَّا سَمِعْنَا قُرْ‌آنًا عَجَبًا ﴿1 يَهْدِي إِلَى الرُّ‌شْدِ فَآمَنَّا بِهِ ۖ وَلَن نُّشْرِ‌كَ بِرَ‌بِّنَا أَحَدًا ﴿2 وَأَنَّهُ تَعَالَىٰ جَدُّ رَ‌بِّنَا مَا اتَّخَذَ صَاحِبَةً وَلَا وَلَدًا ﴿3﴾ – الجن

Speak! Once the revelation came to me, some of the Hidden Power listened to that. Then they said; We have heard the Qur’an. Indeed , it sounds very strange and amazing. It guides to development and progress. So we believed in that and we will never have something beside our Lord, at all . He is really The Highest Supreme. He is indeed our Lord who has neither taken someone as His father nor as His child!

The Hidden Power – 1 to 3

This is a work which for the first time in the history of Islam discusses the controversial topic of Re-incarnation, in a scientific method, based on the Holy Qur’an.
In this unique work I will prove, through a scientific meaning and definition, that not only the Holy Qur’an teaches the Re-incarnation, but also the Holy Qur’an is the only Divine Book, that brings up this belief, in a wide and profound and powerful scale. No other Ancient Divine Books, like the Holy Vedas of Hinduism discussed the belief of Re-incarnation in the same way!
In other words, not only the belief of Re-birth exists in the Holy Qur’an , but Re-birth is a significant characteristic of the Holy Qur’an, in comparison with ALL other original Divine Books!
Re-incarnation means re-birth of human beings physically after death through the same biological mechanism as it took place at our birth. Other eventual definitions of Re-incarnation are irrelevant here.
Most Muslim theologians and thinkers rejected the belief of Re-incarnation as an UN-Islamic belief. However, my work is based on a new understanding of the unique language of the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is not only the new book of Divine Revelation, but it is also a new language which is not yet understood.
People in general see the Qur’an as a holy text in the Arabic language. However, this is only the background of the truth. On this background, the Holy Qur’an created a new and unique language which the Arabs as well as the foreigners need to understand. It would be very naive to think that the Arabs understand the Arabic Qur’an better. In fact, before the Holy Qur’an we ALL, including Arabs, were foreigners!
This new and unique language of the Holy Qur’an would be a new subject of linguistics. A comprehensive investigation of this new and unique language would lead to a new understanding of the Holy Qur’an and probably new discoveries of truths within it.
This is the first part of a serial of articles concerning this controversial topic. This work is actually a brief of a comprehensive researching of Re-incarnation in the Holy Qur’an which I ‘ve done in my mother language , Persian or Farsi. This never – ending research is still going on and by the Grace of Allah I will return with new updates in the near future.


Reza Asgharzadeh

The Final Proof of Re-birth in the Holy Qur’an

Part 1

The First Wisdom

Never deny !

The First “Denial

The first one who was in denial, was Iblis, the Father of satans !

One of the topics which is brought up at the top of the list of the Islamic debates, is the idea of Re-incarnation or Re-birth. As it has always been, the Muslims are divided on this subject; some believe in Re-incarnation and some others reject it. Because “denial”, is something very sensitive in Islam, let’s deal with it right here.

In order to “deny” something you have to have “knowledge“. Because the word implies  something “negative”, there is a risk you might miss something important in your life and lose something which belongs to you.

If you don’t have the knowledge about an idea and yet deny that, it would be considered “Ignorance” or Jaheliyateh ( جاهلیته ). And the task of Muhammad was to guide humanity from Ignorance to Knowledge . That’s why “Denial” is very sensitive in Islam.

و تقولون بافواهکم ما لیس لکم به علم و تحسبونه هینا و هو عند الله عظیم

 النور – 15

And you are saying with you mouths something you don’t have any knowledge about and you think it is negligible , whereas with Allah it is of tremendous importance.

 The Light-15 

On the contrary, it’s not necessary to have “knowledge” in order to believe in something. Because it is something “positive” and you don’t lose anything by believing it. Rather you gain something.
So this is about choosing between “to lose” or “to win” . To be sure you don’t lose anything, you have to choose “to win”. This is wisdom of staying open-minded.
That’s why in order to believe in something, the all you need is “trust“. You must have “trust” in your life, otherwise you will eventually be a “loser”. How can we win by losing “trust” in our life?! It’s already lost. This is a clear contradiction.

و العصر ان الانسان لفی خسر الا الذین امنوا و عملوا الصالحات 

العصر – 1 الی 3

On The Age  (these words), surely Mankind is a loser except those who believe and do good actions.

The Age-1 to 3

It’s about your choice!

Many Muslims don’t believe in Re-incarnation, because it does not exist in Islam or in the Qur’an. They may be right in claiming that Re-incarnation doesn’t exist. However, the idea of Re-incarnation does exist.

Now I have some questions to my fellow Muslims who either  don’t believe in Re-incarnation, or are in doubt about it;

 Do you like this idea of “Re-birth” or not ?! Would you like to be re-born in order to have another chance and opportunity to develop spiritually in your journey to Allah or not ? Do you think you need another life after this one? Are you happy for not believing in “Re-birth” and even rejecting it, or do you feel sorrow about it ?!

If the answer is “no”, then it means that the idea of “Rebirth” would not be good for you. So you wouldn’t like to find it in the Qur’an. Because it would eventually mean the Qur’an is not good for you. Wouldn’t it?

You may say; it’s not about me! It’s not about what like or wish. It is just that such a thing like Re-incarnation doesn’t exist in the Qur’an , and I, as a Muslim have to follow the teachings of the Qur’an.
But would you like that “Re-birth” is true in Islam or not ? Did you wish it existed in the Qur’an or not?

If the answer is “no”, then you might be right. Your answer is very important. Simply because you cannot find something in the Qur’an you don’t want to find, and you even guide your mind to find the opposite.

You want to follow what the Qur’an says. But what is more important; to follow the Qur’an or follow your Heart ?

Remember in order to follow the Qur’an you followed your Heart first. Otherwise you would never follow the Qur’an. In other words, your Heart told you and guided you to follow the Qur’an. So your Heart got a desire towards the Qur’an. And at this time you were ready to receive it. The verse below describes your condition too ;

نزل به الروح الامین علی قلبک

الشعراء – 193 , 194

The Holy Spirit has sent it (the Qur’an) down to your Heart.

The Poets – 193 to 194

So it ‘s about your Heart . And it is about YOU now and forever. Even at the Final Destination, YOU are The Center;

و ان الی ربک المنتهی

النجم – 42

And surely the Final Destination will be YOUR God.
The Shining Star – 42

YOUR God and YOUR position in the verse is at the CENTER , between God and the Final Destination. It means finally , finally He is YOURS !

You pray to Allah and ask Him for EVERYTHING and you expect Him to listen to you and respond ALL your asking as if  He is YOUR Servant.  

Now if you didn’t have a Heart, you would not have God either. If you didn’t have a Heart you wouldn’t like to WANT . So everything you want which is really good for you, it is because of your pure Heart. Because you ARE your Hear ,  your ears are your Heart, your eyes are your Heart, your tongue is your Heart, your thinking is your Heart.

 That’s why the Holy Qur’an teaches us to listen through the Heart, see through the Heart, talk through the Heart, understand through the  Heart and even think through the Heart; as the following verses denote;

و نطبغ علی قلوبهم و فهم لایسمعون

 الاعراف – 100

And We closed their Hearts so that they cannot hear!

Those Known – 100

فانها لاتعمی الابصار و لکن تعمی القلوب

الحج – 46

No,their eyes are not blind. But because of their Hearts, are blind!

The Pilgrimage – 46

یقولون بالسنتهم ما لیس فی قلوبهم

الفتح -11

They are saying things which doesn’t come through their Hearts!

The Victory – 11


فهم قلوبهم لایفقهون بها

الاعراف – 179

So they have such a Heart that they don’t understand by it !

Those Known – 179

لهم القلوب یعقلون بها

الحج – 46

They have such a Heart that they are thinking wisely by it !

The Pilgrimage – 46

And finally the best and most reliable way is to experience by Heart;

ما کذب الفؤاد ما رای افتمارونه علی ما یری 

النجم – 11 ,12  

The Heart doesn’t lie what it sees . Do you dispute with him (Muhammad) over what he saw by his Heart ?!

The Shining Star – 11 to 12

So, of course the idea of Re-birth is about YOU and YOUR Heart. What I am trying to say is ; don’t tell what Islam and the Qur’an says. That is just excuses. Non of them is YOU. However, both of them are the reflections of YOUR needs. Listen to the Qur’an;

ما یرید الله لیجعل علیکم من حرج و لکن یرید لیطهرکم و لیتم نعمته علیکم لعلکم تشکرون 

المائده – 6

Allah doesn’t want YOU to be in troubles and difficulties. However, He wants to purify you. That’s why He has fulfilled and completed His blessings to you . Maybe you will be thankful !

The Table spread with foods -6

If you never have another chance here, then you are probably in trouble now and after! So it is ABOUT YOU!

Besides without another chance to be born, the blessings of Allah are NOT  fulfilled and completed. This is ABOUT YOU to be completely purified. So do YOU want to be completely purified or not? If your answer is “yes” and you think that it should be so, as a perfect human being, then you have these verses. Because, the Qur’an is the reflection of your needs on the spiritual path. Otherwise you should NOT be thankful !

و اتیکم من کل ما سالتموه و ان تعدوا نعمت الله لاتحصوها ان الانسان لظلوم کفار 

ابراهیم – 34

And He has already given you EVERYTHING you ask for! And you cannot count the total number of blessings from Allah, if you wish to do that. Indeed, Man is an unjust disbeliever and very ungrateful.

Abraham – 34

So Allah has already given you what YOU need BEFORE asking for. Also here, it is ABOUT YOU! And YOUR needs and what YOU are asking for.

Forgiveness or Re-incarnation ?

However, you may say Allah will forgive us all and we don’t need to come back to this earthy life again, in order to be purified. In other words, what we need is, His Love and Forgiveness, and there , in the verses above, we’ve got it!

Wrong again! First of all, listen here;

اطلع الغیب ام اتخذ عند الرحمن عهدا 

مریم – 78  

How do you know about The Unknown World ?! Did you make an agreement with God about it ?!

Mary – 78

و منهم امیون لایعلمون الکتاب الا امانی و ان هم الا یظنون فویل للذین یکتبون الکتاب بایدیهم ثم یقولون هذا من عند الله لیشتروا به ثمنا قلیلاو قالوا لن تمسنا الا ایاما معدوده قل اتخذتم عند الله عهدا فلن یخلف الله عهده

 البقره – 78 الی 80

And there are among them, those who know nothing about the Divine Book but their desires and they are not doing anything but imagining falsely. It is a serious claim of those who are writing their OWN books and then say ; that is from AllahIn this way they are lowering the value of His words and sell them cheaply…And they said ; “The Fire will not touch us except for a couple of days !

Ask them; did you make an agreement with Allah, the One Who never breaks any promise?!

The Cow – 78 to 80

Secondly, are you sure you have understood the Forgiveness of Allah correctly? His Forgiveness is in various and different ways. One of them is to give another chance of earthly life in order to be FORGIVEN forever. Because His Love and Forgiveness is a practical process of purifying and progressing. Forgiveness doesn’t mean Ignoring.

In the training of your children you forgive their mistakes and you forgive them, in order to repeat the training. Why? Because you love them. You want them to develop.

Or, once your child gets dirty by a mistake, you forgive her. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to give her a bath. You want her to be clean. Because you love your child and you love cleanliness.

Similarly Allah forgives ALL of our mistakes, but NOT our wrong-doings which means actions with wrong intentions from the Heart;

لایواخذکم الله باللغو فی ایمانکم و لکن یواخذکم بما کسبت قلوبکم و الله غفور حلیم

البقره – 225

Allah will not judge you by your mistakes in your faith. But He will judge you because of what your Hearts have gained. And Allah is Most Forgiving and Most Tolerant.

The Cow – 225 

By the way, where did you get that idea from?! From the Qur’an?! Then, let’s have a look at it;

و یقولون سیغفرلنا و ان یاتهم عرض مثله یاخذوه الم یوخذ علیهم میثاق الکتاب ان لایقولوا علی الله الا الحق و درسوا ما فیه و الدار الاخره خیر للذین یتقون افلا تعقلون

الاعراف – 169

And they are repeatedly saying; we will be forgiven soon!  And they want to take whatever comes to them in this world. Didn’t they make an agreement with The Book that they never say anything about Allah, but the truth, and learn from its content ?! And the Final Residence is much better for those who hold on to the Spiritual Self-Discipline firmly. Don’t you think wisely ?!

Those Known – 169

انی لغفار لمن تاب و امن و عمل صالحا ثم اهتدی

 طه – 82

I am indeed forgiving, again and again, but only for the one who has repented (and returned to Me) and has faith and has done good actions and then, afterwards s/he is guided

Taha – 82


الا من تاب و امن و عمل عملا صالحا فاولئک یبدل الله سیئاتهم حسنات و کان الله غفورا رحیما

الفرقان – 70

Only those who are repentant (and have returned to Allah) and have faith and do good actions, Allah will change them and replace their bad attributes by good attributes and  (this is the meaning of)  Allah is Forgiving and Most Merciful

The Criterion – 70 

ربنا فاغفرلنا ذنوبنا و کفر عنا سیئاتنا و توفنا مع الابرار

آل عمران – 193

Those who pray; Our Lord forgive our sins and remove our bad attributes and let us DIE together with the Abrar (those illumined souls mentioned in the Qur’an who attained the highest spiritual realization)

The Family of Imran – 193

افما نحن بمیتین الا موتتنا الاولی و ما نحن بمعذبین ان هذا لهو الفوز العظیم

الصافات – 58 الی 60

(The Abrar  happily said) ;Will we not die anymore after our previous dead ? And will we not suffer any more either ? This is indeed THAT! The Great Victory!

Those Ranged in Ranks – 58 to 60   

ان الحسنات یذهبن السیئات ذلک ذکری للذاکرین

هود – 114

Indeed, the good actions remove the bad actions. This is a remembrance to those who are always living in remembrance!

Hood – 114

A good example is, despite Allah forgiving the prophet Adam, yet He sent him back to the earthy life again;

قالا ربنا ظلمنا انفسنا و ان لم تغفرلنا و ترحمنا لنکونن من الخاسرین قال اهبطوا بعضکم لبعض عدو ولکم فی الارض مستقر و متاع الی حین قال فیها تحیون و فیها تموتون و منها تخرجون

 الاعراف – 23 الی 25

They (Adam and Eve) prayed; Our Lord we have harmed ourselves and if You don’t forgive us and don’t give us Your Love and Grace, surely we will be among those losers !

(after forgiving) He said; move down ! Parts of you will be as enemies to each other and you will be established on the earth for a while. THERE you will be given life and THERE you will die and THERE you will be brought again.

Those Known – 23 to 25

Now when Allah treated his own prophet in that way, how come He will treat us in a different way ?!

Thirdly, Allah doesn’t give or forgive anything without testing. The Test of Allah is a basic teaching in the Qur’an. Test is probably the most important spiritual training in our spiritual development.

و بلوناهم بالحسنات و السیئات لعلهم یرجعون

 الاعراف – 168

And We shall test them with both good things and bad things in order to change themselves and return to Us.

Those Known – 168

And even more important is the test of Heart;

امتحن الله قلوبهم للتقوی لهم مغفره

 الحجرات – 3

 Allah will test their Hearts towards Spiritual Self- Discipline. Forgiveness is for them !

The Dwellings – 3

So the idea that instead of being sent back to the earthly life, Allah will forgive us is a false and man-made idea which is opposite to the Divine Teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

As we saw, in the example of Adam, the inner meaning of Forgiveness is Re-incarnation! Because Forgiveness is about giving another chance to the spiritual development on earth. That’s because Allah is the Most Merciful.

 So it’s all about YOUR choice. To refer to the Qur’an, or Reason and Knowledge, in order to reject Re-incarnation, is just an excuse for hiding YOURSELF, your Heart.
Despite this being true that the Qur’an never rejects Re-birth, you are looking for the rejection of the concept of Re-birth according to the Qur’an! Because you change the Qur’an in your mind in a way to get that answer you like.

و ان منهم لفریقا یلوون السنتهم بالکتاب لتحسبوه من الکتاب و ما هو من الکتاب و یقولون هو من عند الله و ما هو من عند الله و یقولون علی الله الکذب و هم یعلمون

 آل عمران – 78 

And among you, there are people who change their tongues on reading the Book in a way, as if it were from the Book ! But it is not from the Book , and then they say; this is from Allah ! But it is not from Allah. They create a lie about Allah and they KNOW that.

The family of Imran – 78

The Red Line of Forgiveness

There is a principle in the Qur’an that Allah never forgive anybody and that is called “Sherk” (الشرک) or “Duality” which is against “Unity” or “Tawhid” (التوحید).

ان الله لایغفر ان یشرک به و یغفر ما دون ذلک لمن یشاء

النساء – 48 

Surely Allah will never forgive the one who choose ANYTHING beside Him. However, He will forgive the other sins for anyone He chooses, according to His Will.

Women – 48

According to the teachings of Islam, ANYTHING which is put with Allah would be considered  Sherk. This is Duality. Even if we believe God is one” which is The Principle of Tawhid or Unity, provided that “one” means numeral one“. This is Sherk! It means the “number onealready exists with Allah which gives His Identity!

But Allah is The Creator of EVERYTHING, includedthe number one“. However Allah is The One“. It means He is The Only One which exists. In other words; Everything is Him in the form of His manifestation. This is Tawhid.

So even though there are many gods, however, they are not separated. They ALL are ONE and this “ONENESS” is called Allah.

ء ارباب متفرقون خیر ام الله الواحد

یوسف – 39

Are separated gods better than Allah which is The One.

Yusef – 39

و قال الکافرون هذا ساحر کذاب اجعل الهه الها واحد ان هذا لشئی عجاب

ص – 5

And the disbelievers said; this man (Muhammad) is a black magician. He has turned all gods to ONE. This is something strange“!

S – 5

انا خلقنا الانسان من نطفه امشاج

الانسان – 2

WE created The human from a mixed semen.

Human -2

I am not saying that Allah will not forgive most of us Muslims because of such a misunderstanding. What I am trying to say is the concept of Sherk in Islam is a very vast and subtle one so that most of us Muslims are infected by Sherk or Duality in different ways. Even though it is about the concept of Tawhid or Unity !

Don’t forget that even Mushrekin or those dualists (المشرکین) believed that “God is one” in the Qur’an;

ولئن سالتهم من خلق السموات و الارض لیقولن الله قل افرایتم ما تدعون من دون الله

الزمر – 38

And if you ask them; “who created the heavens and the earth?” They will surely answer; Allah. Speak! (Tell the people); “did you notice what they are calling with Allah?”

The Groups – 38    

Another example of Sherk is, if we claim something that Allah, in His Ultimate Book, has never done it , like the rejection and denial of Re-birth !

افغیر الله ابتغی حکما و هو الذی انزل الیکم الکتاب مفصلا

الانعام – 115

Do you seek other than – the words of – Allah (in the Qur’an) for judgement?! Despite He is Who has sent down to you all a Comprehensive Book.

The Blessings – 115


Aisha, the wife of prophet had been asked about what kind of character Muhammad was? She answered; the Qur’an !

That’s why Muhammad never denied Re-birth either. This is Qur’anization of  Man, i.e, to be in complete unity with the Qur’an. 

Another example is, when the angel Gabriel was delivering verses of the Qur’an to Muhammad by starting to say; “Speak!“, even Muhammad respond the same; “Speak!“. This reflection, is due to the total purity of his soul or nothingness of a mirror;

وما ینطق عن الهو ی ان هو الا وحی یوحی

 النجم – 3 الی 4

He never talks after his empty desires. Whatever he says is nothing but the divine revelation.

The Shining Star – 3 to 4

This is the total Surrendering and Unity with Allah, at least, in word and from the tongue. That’s why the Qur’an asks the believers for having Muhammad as the best example of being a person surrendered; i.e, a Muslim.

لقد کان لکم فی رسول الله اسوه الحسنه لمن کان یرجوا الله

 الاحزاب – 21

Surely the Messenger of Allah is the best example for any of you who are seeking Allah.

The Parties – 21

But those who deny something which neither the Qur’an nor Muhammad has ever done are not surrendered (Muslims) yet. And their denial reveals the impurity in them.

The cycle of birth and faith

If the minority of the Muslim theologians, who believed in Re-incarnation would take over the leading of Muslim community in general, most of those disbelievers of our time, would acknowledge Re-incarnation.

This is because they have surrendered to their fathers and leaders, NOT to Allah which is Sherk or Duality (non-unity) in the Qur’an and it is absolutely unacceptable.
Also, if those disbelievers of Re-incarnation in Islam, would be born in a Muslim community which believed in Re-incarnation, or were born as Hindus and Buddhists, then they would have strong faith in Re-incarnation without questioning it.

This is the importance of the “birth” which most likely and usually determine the thought, belief, faith and fate of human beings.

So they deny Re-incarnation, not because of Islam and the Reason, but because they are born in the wrong place and time to believe in the concept of Re-incarnation. 

The whole truth is not that the “birth” may determine the “faith”, but even the “faith” may determine the “birth”.

 Yet human beings always have a choice to change, and change the choice. You see, this is still about YOU.

You may say, “OK”, the Qur’an has never denied Re-incarnation, however, it came with an alternative idea of Re-incarnation; the Resurrection. Therefore, you should also consider the idea of Re-incarnation, but don’t deny it ! You are always welcome with your ideas but respect the Red Line of the Qur’an , “Denial“.

If it would be good to deny it, the Messenger of Allah would have done it before as the best example for us to adapt.

Fathers as Masters

However, those who blindly reject Re-incarnation follow their ancestors and brothers, rather than to  follow the Messenger of Allah! Most of these disbelievers of Re-incarnation  just follow their religious fathers and brothers or their environment, like the community, family, school, masque and etc., which are also guided by their fathers from the past, without thinking for themselves.

یا ایها الذین امنوا لا تتخذوا ابائکم و اخوانکم اولیاء ان استحبوا الکفر علی الایمان

التوبه – 23

O, you believers don’t take your fathers and brothers as your  Masters, in case, they love the covering of the truth (disbelief), and deny it rather than to have Faith.

The Repentance (Returning) – 23

و اذا قیل لهم اتبعوا ما انزل الله قالوا بل نتبع ما الفینا علیه ابائنا او لو کان اباؤهم لایعقلون شئیا و لایهتدون

 البقره – 170

And whenever they were told, “follow what Allah has sent down to you”, they told; “Of course, we will follow our fathers”. Even though were their fathers neither thinking wisely nor were they guided at all ?!

The Cow – 170

ما کان لبشر ان یوتیه الله الکتاب و الحکم و النبوه ثم یقول للناس کونوا عبادا لی من دون الله ولکن کونوا ربانیین بما کنتم تعلمون الکتاب و بما کنتم تدرسون 

آل عمران – 79 

Any human being who is given the Book, the Wisdom, Judgement and the Messengers by Allah, has no right to tell people;  “follow me as your Master with Allah.”  Instead, you should be spiritual ones; learning and teaching (directly) from the Holy Book itself.

The family of Imran – 79

Asking question

The Muslim disbelievers of  Re-incarnation in Islam, usually ask many questions in order to reject it. However they never ask themselves this question; Where does this denial come from? From Islam? Or from the Qur’an? Or somewhere else outside them? Are we followers of Islam and the Qur’an, or something else? 
They think, by asking so many questions, they are right. But they are wrong because of them! For most of their questions are miss-understandings or wrong-understandings of  Re-incarnation and Islam as well.

Don’t ask about something you don’t know!

This is a strange message of the Holy Qur’an. For we ask a question because of we don’t know and want to know about what we are asking of. But the Qur’an teaches the opposite ! Don’t ask about something which you don’t have knowledge;

فلا تسئلن ما لیس لک به علم

 هود – 46

Never ask a question about something you don’t have knowledge about!

Hood – 46

This is because to ask a question is something valuable. Therefore, we have to ask the right question. And in order to do that we need to have some knowledge. Wrong questions either have wrong answers or no answers. Whereas the right question is half of the knowledge, as the Messenger Muhammad said.
The many wrong questions by those disbelievers in Re-incarnation , reveal their lack of knowledge about both Re-incarnation and Islam. That makes them become wrong.

One right question is more than a thousands words

The very many questions of those disbelievers also reveals that they are busy with their minds!

و هم یلعبون لاهیه قلوبهم

 الانبیاء 2 , 3

And they are just playing which makes their Hearts to be busy.

The Prophets – 2 to 3

They believe they are thinking. But they are playing. If they are thinking, they should ask only one question, not dozens or hundreds. There is always ONE right question in every topic which can make a BREAK THROUGH.

 At the time of Muhammad, someone told Salman of Persian that a man in Mecca claimed that he is the Messenger of God. Salman of Persia asked only one question; What does this man say? He said; There is no god but God !  Then, Salman of Persian answered; It’s him!

 But look in the Qur’an and read how many questions those disbelievers asked Muhammad and yet, they never believed in him.

ام تریدون ان تسئلوا رسولکم کما سئل موسی من قبل

 البقره – 108

Are you asking questions of your Messenger as Moses was asked before ?!

The Cow – 108

There is a serious risk that asking too many questions, will be a heavy burden to carry on the journey to the Truth, which can be an obstacle and even throw one far away into the darkness.

Because by asking so many questions, it may create a bad habit which eventually harms the Heart.

Ironically the disbelievers of Re-incarnation have never answered this one single question; Why the Holy Qur’an, the Divine Book of the Best Guidance , never denies or rejects the idea of Re-birth ?!

Indeed, even more basic questions remain unanswered like; what will happens to the millions of kids in the history who died of different circumstances and they would never experience the earthly life and its tests to move them forward toward spiritual growth?

 The answers

There may be questions we cannot answer or don’t have the proper answers yet. But it doesn’t mean there is no answer to them. Some others, in other places or times, may have had the right answers. Indeed, there are questions about many things in Re-incarnation as well Islam, and also the life in general, which takes a long time to be answered. Some of them we will get answers for after death, and some others, we will not get any answer until we have developed along the spiritual path and reached a certain level of awareness. And finally, some answers we will never know! We just experience it, like Love.

Right answer like right question is a blessing from God. So we also need to pray and have patience. Did those disbelievers of Re-incarnation try to pray to God and ask Him for guidance?

Question to believe

If their intention of asking questions is to learn and know in order to believe, then , that would be even stranger. Because Muhammad never asked a question to the angel Gabriel in order to believe. He just believed in what she told him. Nor the believers asked Muhammad questions in order to believe. They just believed in what he told them.

The only people who asked Muhammad many questions were those disbelievers !

 So even in this case those disbelievers of Re-incarnation are in the wrong and on an UN-Islamic way! That means the manner of The Disbelievers is the same as it has ALWAYS been.

بل قالوا مثل ما قال الاولون قالوا ء اذا متنا و کنا ترابا و عظاما ء انا لمبعوثون لقد وعدنا نحن و اباؤنا هذا من قبل ان هذا الا اساطیر الاولین

 المومنون – 81 الی 83

They asked questions like what the first ancient people asked; “once we are dead and turned to dust and stones we will rise up again?! In fact, we and our ancestors have been promised of this idea before. Indeed, this is nothing but of Ancient Myths and Legends”.

The Believers – 81 to 83

Guidance to faith or by faith ?

Now the question is how to be guided in a faith without having Knowledge about it?! Obviously, we should also ask questions in order to know.

We can also express the question in this way; “Is it Guidance which leads to Faith or Faith leads to Guidance?”

In other words; Should we be guided BY the knowledge, in order to believe in an idea, or  should we have to believe and have faith FIRST in order to be guided TO the knowledge?

 This is one of the greatest teachings of the Holy Qur’an. Accordingly , we have to have faith in a certain “belief “, in order to be guided to that “belief “!


ان الذین امنو و عملوالصالحات یهدیهم ربهم بایمانهم

 یونس – 9

Surely those who believe and have good actions, their Lord will guide them by their own  faith.

Yunus , Jonah – 9

There are plenty verses in the Qur’an which indicate this answer clearly. Like;

انی لغفار لمن تاب و امن و عمل صالحا ثم اهتدی

 طه – 82

And I am indeed Forgiving, again and again, only for the one who is repentant (returned)and has faith and good actions. Afterwards s/he will be guided

Taha – 82

کیف یهدی الله قوما کفروا بعد ایمانهم

 آل عمران – 86

How can Allah guide those who deny , after having faith before ?

The family of Imran – 86

و الله لایهدی قوم الکافرین

 البقره – 264

And Allah will not guide those disbelievers who cover the truth !

The Cow – 264

Denial and Guidance of Heart

These two verses show that disbelief eventually even makes the heart to deny . On the contrary , the belief and faith, will even guide the heart.

فالذین لا یومنون بالاخره قلوبهم منکره

 النحل – 22

Those who don’t believe in the “result of their actions in the next life”, it is their Hearts which deny it.

The Bee – 22

و من یومن بالله یهد قلبه 

التغابن – 11

And whoever believes in Allah , He will guide her/his Heart.

Mutual Loss or Gain – 11

So even our Heart must to be guided and this will not take place unless we believe first.

The conclusion is that those who think we have to know by learning and asking and analyzing in order to believe in Re-incarnation are wrong, according to the Teachings of the Holy Qur’an! This tells us we have to believe first and have faith , in order to be guided and to know.

Of course, we have the right to ask questions after having faith in a belief. Firstly, because in such a condition  we are in the right way to understand Knowledge. Secondly , which is more important , we will get at least some significant answers and understand them by mere faith in a belief. 

This is actually not that surprising because those who are asking many questions about the idea of  Re-incarnation, has never done the SAME about the concept of Resurrection. They just believed in it ! This is a clear double-standard position which is UN-Islamic. However, this is about the “Trust” which always comes first.

So instead of asking too much questions and rejecting blindly we should follow the beautiful teaching of the Qur’an which is: Listen and Think .

ولا تکونوا کالذین قالوا سمعنا و هم لایسمعون ان شر الدواب عندالله الصم البکم الذین لایعقلون

20, 21- الانفال

Don’t be like those who said; “We have listened ! But they are not listening. Indeed, in the sight of Allah, the worst of all creatures are those deaf and dumb who don’t think wisely.

The Spoils of War – 20 to 21 

Think about this !